[Request] Ability to use variables as Thermostat Set Points

Generally straight forward. Looking to have sliders in a dash board tied to a variable to set the set points in the Thermostat scheduler so that someone doesn’t have to go under the hood to “permanently” adjust.


In conjunction with my last request; looking to have a slider to set variables, but don’t want to have a full range or be able to shift or adjust the range. Example, a thermostat can only set to heat between 65 and 80. As a result, an ability to limit the variable’s range, without utilizing Rule Machine app.


Are you referring to a Dashboard feature?

More than likely, no. I’m thinking the ability would need to be part of the hub variable structure to prevent a rule or other actor from exceeding the defined max and min.

That's a pretty far reaching feature. There is nothing like that in the platform, no direct way to enforce something like that across apps. Ultimately though, variables are set through user interfaces. So it would be more fruitful to suggest the UI context where a range should be enforced.

I can't see this being implemented across the entire platform. It's tantamount to a new data type, a range restricted object. That would have deep and wide impact. So, it's very unlikely to happen -- I shouldn't mince words -- it won't happen.

Very well then. I will address another way.

Consider as an alternative the idea of a slider in a Dashboard that has a definable range. It can slide between two values you define, such as 65 to 80. That's a much easier thing to accomplish, as it is no more than a UI feature that limits the possible values. Something similar already exists in the Dashboard for dimmers, as an example. Those are restricted to 0 to 100, and their sliders will only produce values in that range. Under the covers, those are integers, and their possible values are not limited.

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Is there a particular reason for using a variable as an intermediary? Could the request not simply be the ability to represent the set point on a dashboard using a slider? Perhaps "simply" is a little out of place.... sure there would be more to it than that..

A slider with definable range.

You beat me to it, not entirely a simple change I'm expecting... was more just seeing if the variable is actually required as part of the setup....

I was looking to see if that was an option to frame there. I currently have this for a humidity level to trigger a humidifier with a user adjustable level, but didn’t see where to set the min/max. I was just considering using a 0-100 slider but using some equation in the variable setting rule to accomplish the same.

Already doing the straight set of a humidity level directly, but I want to protect systems from someone setting a humidity level to 100% or a temperature to say 95.

We will look at the possibility of adding a user definable slider range.

I thought you'd like it if someone turned your house into a sauna, what's wrong with that ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your consideration. Saunas are fine until the mold starts. :laughing:

And don’t let my request for variables in the temp setting in thermostat scheduler get lost in the discussion. :smiley:

In all contexts, or just some?

Most all thermostats have a Max limit in the hardware setup menu.
Here MAX means:

  • Hottest heat setting
  • Coldest cool setting.

Some have both.

I'll be happy with just heat/cool set points. Adjusting times is a less of a need.

Of course, Thermostat Scheduler already supports variable times. Ha!

Good morning and a quick thanks for the late add to the recent update!