Reprogram/repurpose C4 hub

Since the C4 hub looks like it was a general-purpose device that was programmed by Hubitat (multiple ports including HDMI, AV, and IR ports that are not used), is it possible to reprogram a C4 hub for other use?


Seems like a waste of a hub, though. Plenty of other potential uses for an extra hub.


I would say no, not without an extreme bit of hacking. An alternative would be to use the C-4 as a Cloud/Network hub.


Or maybe a development hub to try out new/untested devices and apps without causing a meltdown of your home’s otherwise stable production hub.

With hub mesh, it’s pretty easy to link multiple hubs and share devices across the LAN.


Well, now I know that it could be an Android TV device. However, I will take the suggestion and keep it as a test/development hub. Thanks for the replies.

So wanted to report some sadness... my C-4 died last night.. all of a sudden no lights, wont come on even with a swapped power supply. Just a brief red flash and then nothing.. :cry:

Wasn't a big deal though, (?temporarily?) added the Lutron app to my C-5, created a new maker instance and tweaked my devices and config in Node-RED and was back up and running in less than an hour give or take.

It's interesting how problematic the C-4's seem to have become over the years - would definitely recommend for a dev hub NOT production at this point - just too many reported (and encountered) "issues" with heat, memory consumption, network troubles etc for my comfort.

I do have another C-4 but have opted not to use it as a replacement..

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I would have to say that my C4 hub has been reliable. I can't say I have had the problems others have had once I split the Iris V1 devices off to the C5 hub. Performance with the C7 hub is good, perhaps a bit snappier than the C4 hub, but I can't really complain about how it has performed for me.

I had a small load on the C4 hub that is now on the C7 hub. Perhaps that is why I have not experienced some of the issues. Most of the issues I experienced were device-related, not hub-related (unless they were operator headspace and timing issues).

Early on I went with 2 C-4 hubs by location - upstairs/downstairs. I did this primarily as a response to some early firmware issues causing hub lockups etc. Also a little later switched all of my rules etc to Node-RED. I suspect that both of these moves greatly reduced the "strain" on my C-4's as I stopped having issues (other than self inflicted of course) pretty much altogether. As I mentioned have since gone to a multi-hub config by type and used on of the C-4's as a "cloud/network devices" hub. This has been working great too even with the current slow memory decline issue that some have seen.

The C-4 no doubt runs hotter and has more memory issues than the other hubs also the networking has some problems - if disconnected sometimes won't reconnect - at least that's been my experience.

I went through the growing pains of Iris V1 and the major problems migrating to Iris V2. I was very upset that after all I had invested, Lowe's dumped the Iris system. It lessened the pain that Lowe's sent me a card which in essence, made much of the hardware free.

After all the problems I had with Iris, Hubitat's C4 was a breeze. I had some problem devices, but the hub was very reliable. I did not notice a heat problem, nor any significant slowdown over time. I only rebooted when there was a firmware upgrade. There was an occasional unplanned shutdown. I had problems there, but we were able to get them resolved. The staff of Hubitat has been great about resolving device issues.

I put the hubs on an uninterruptible power supply. That is perhaps one of the reasons I have not had significant issues. Power outages, whether long or a momentary blink, do not affect the hubs. They keep going.

Yep same here - power and ventilation are super important.