Reports please

I made the request a while ago but I think I will try again.
HE should have a reports function where it can dump a list of devices, RM rules, even an app listing. Say like an excel CVS or even as a text file.
This is an important tool where one can use it to help with references while reorganizing/rewriting rules and doing housecleaning.
Maybe this can be done via an app rather than part of the OS.

Can an app or device list the other apps or devices on the system? If so, you could technically do some of this yourself. You could write code to list what you are allowed to list and then log it to Google Sheets or something.

When I say "you" I don't necessarily mean you either either. I mean the collective "you" which includes me. I don't know what drivers and apps are allowed to see though. Maybe they're sand-boxed or something and can only see their children. I've only ever tried to get at the parent or child apps/devices.

I'm not a coder and frankly this should be something on offer by HE. Most controllers have this tye of function.

Actually, it's my experience that most hubs definitely don't... at least the three I've used. I didn't have it on Wink or SmartThings.

I briefly fussed with Home Assistant and OpenHAB. I don't actually remember an easy way to do it in either of those but there probably is given how developer heavy they are.

Most spreadsheets allow you to select any html table, aka the device list or apps list and copy and paste it into a spreadsheet.

For deeper integrations, you can do the same thing to rules or any app settings, as that is also a table of settings.

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