Reports function?

I haven't found anything on this, so I wanted to make a request.

I would like to be able to generate a "Report" I could save the would show details of various sections in my HE.
Example; Generate a report that would list all my devices including id's, labels, nodes, driver.
Then a report that would list RM rules and their definitions. Groups and scenes report listing it's parameters.
These reports would be savable as a txt file.

I used to do this with Vera and these reports help a lot in debugging and allow an easy way to id errors among say RM and and it's interaction Groups and Scenes.

Also having such a record would be important as a backup file if one had to add or replace another HUB without having to "re-create" everything from memory (impossible). Yes, I know about backup/restore, but this gives the advantage of seeing your setup all at once and identifying ways to tweak or streamline your whole automation system as it grows keeping it clean and uncluttered with duplicate actions.

You could make it an app where one could simple choose a report (RM, devices, scenes, apps list, device list, zwave list,etc).


Agreed. It would also be useful to get a report that includes the last true and last false time stamps for RM rules and motion lights.