Reporting Wait Time Remaining

I am using the Wait Elapsed Time function in rules, and as you know this resets each time the rule is triggered.

I am interested in viewing/reporting the wait time remaining until the rule proceeds. Any way to do this?

There is no built-in way to do this in the regular interface, though you can make some good guesses from the App Status page for the rule (look at Scheduled Jobs for one that seems around the same time--with a Wait for Event: Elapsed Time, my handler method was called "allHandlerWT," but this is likely to be different depending on exactly what action made this schedule — and could change with future Rule versions).

A better solution is probably to enable action logging for the rule (and any other logging you wish; triggers are often helpful, too), then look at Logs, possibly filtered to just this rule. These will show when all actions were reached — including when your wait started. Then, you can use that information as needed. If there is a need to use this information somewhere beyond just curiosity, perhaps there's another approach that could be used if you share what your goal is.

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