Replicating Wink Lutron Configuration

I know there are already a lot of post on this top and I feel like I read them all, but still can't get my head around how I get from here to there. And not going to make this one of those 'it's too hard to migrate from wink' posts, but yes I am trying to migrate from wink. Have purchased the Hubitat, but has not pulled the trigger on the migration just yet.

And in trying to keep this short, I rent and can't mess with replacing all the in wall switches so have mostly gone with bulb level automation. Also there is no ground wire available if was to attempt a few of them. So I have a number of the Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes on Wink mapped to shortcuts. They work great, but I understand are not supported by the hubitat at a hardware level.

I gather that a path to something similar is to buy the lutron gateway (must get pro2, not pro, and not not pro eg: L-BDGPRO2 for $180 CAD, or one of the bundles) but it isn't clear what I get from that because it looks like then I have to install a switch and then can have a remote for that switch. Or can those remotes (eg: PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R for about $19) also be mapped to bulbs (or ideally short cut) without having to install wall switch, just the lutron hub)

Am I close?

Even if the answer is Yes, it seems like a pretty long and expensive way to go? Am I missing a better remote type solution that will allow me to replicate what I have now? Yes it's a bit flakey (have to remap the remotes a couple of times a year) and wink in is on the brink (see what I did there ;), but it's actually working pretty well, at least for now.

Thanks for any comments.

Lutron connected bulb remotes use a zigbee profile that hubitat doesn’t support (zigbee Lightlink) and can’t be paired to the hub. Unlike the Caseta in-wall dimmers/switches, as well as Pico remotes, which use Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect protocol.

Wink had an old licensing agreement with Lutron that allowed them to include a ClearConnect radio in the Wink hub itself. That’s why Caseta devices can work with Wink and don’t need an intermediary Lutron bridge.

But Lutron no longer licenses that protocol to others. Hubitat needs a Caseta pro bridge as an intermediary because there is also a telnet-based integration protocol that hubitat leverages.

With a caseta pro hub and hubitat, you can use the pico remotes without installing any in-wall Caseta dimmers or switches. $180 doesn’t sound like the best price ever for a Caseta pro hub, but I haven’t been in the market for one recently so that could be what they’re going for these days.

You are correct re: the model # that you would need, the L-BDGPRO (without the “2”) is an older generation that Lutron no longer supports and can’t be registered with the Lutron cloud (a necessary step before you can integrate the bridge with hubitat).

I have read that for whatever reason, people really love those Lutron connected bulb remotes though, and they tend to go for very inflated prices on eBay. So you could consider financing your transition to hubitat by selling some, or all, of those remotes!


I sold both my connected bulb remotes on eBay for 50 each and bought the lutron pro2 hub

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Thanks to you both for the timely and helpful responses. Great stuff.

marktheknife that really helps clarify things. Happy to know no need to install wall switches.

$180 (which now looks to be up to $193 CAD with shipping - sorry can't add links yet) is the best price I can find for the pro2 - would love if anyone knows a better price accessible from Canada.

But if I don't have to install a wall switch then I am fine with this as a solution. jrobertson50 great idea about selling my existing 5 remotes - if I can get anywhere near your resale the project becomes pretty cost neutral.

Slightly off topic for the thread, but related to the final barriers on my migration, I understand the process of removing my lights from the wink mesh before adding them to the hubitat mesh, but am I going to need to 'reset' them each individually also to the them setup on hubitat. Which of course means taking each one down, going through the often unsuccessful reset process several times and then back up the ladder 45 times or so. Sorry don't mean to whine, just hoping it can be done from the setup screen rather than physically removing each light.

Thanks again for all your help.

What model of smart bulbs are you using?

A few GE Link, although many of these don't seem to want to reset anymore. Have lost a few already. The rest are split between EcoSmart and Sengled.

All are zigbee I believe. Bought over time so varying software versions.

I haven't done the bulb by bulb comparison to the compatibility list yet, but they are all pretty standard so hoping won't be a problem.

Should I be anticipating a high level of effort here? (Which I know is relative, but I think you get what I mean).

Thanks again.

If the bulbs are 'successfully removed' from the Wink Hub, using whatever feature Wink has to remove a device (not 'force remove'), then the bulbs should be restored to a 'ready to pair' state for a new controller, like Hubitat. This works well for some devices, while others require the factory reset procedure. If the bulbs are in fixtures that are currently connected to wall switches, you should be able to simply toggle the wall switch to reset them using the manufacturer's procedure. This saves the headache of having to get on a ladder.

Ok great news. So even if they do need resetting the light switch toggle idea is a great one. Plus will reset many bulbs at a time. Hadn't thought of that. Will give that a try. Appreciated.

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Unfortunately finding reasonably priced Lutron gear up here can be difficult. Some electrical distribution places sell kits, but don't expect a good deal. I had good luck on eBay. Keep an eye out there and you'll probably find a better deal. The remotes I usually just pickup at Home Depot.