Replacing a Zigbee Sensor

I maybe, or totally, be wrong on this, but I was thinking I read somewhere about replacing a Zigbee device without having to re-configure everything.

I have a door sensor which appears to have given up the ghost. I have some spares. Is there a way to reference the new one to the old one's usage without having to go to all my apps that use it?

Hope that made sense.

Unfortunately the short answer is no.

Before giving up on it, what you can do easily is to reset the device (using the factory reset sequence; usually an operation involving depressing a button while inserting the battery); sometimes that will bring a device back to a functional state. Don't delete it from your device list
or change any of your rules or automations. Once you have done this, add the device to Hubitat as if it were brand new; it will be recognized using its original label and slots in all your automations.

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If there was a way, swapping the "Zigbee ID" and "Device network ID" fields so that the new device matches the old device (you'll probably have to temporarily change one of them to something else since having two be the same can't be good even if it lets you) would probably be that way. Similar to the Z-Wave trick where you swap node IDs, but a bit more since Zigbee also tracks the "long" address.

I haven't seen anyone actually confirm that this works, and if the device is a totally different device, I'd just do the typical "go into each app and swap out the device" thing. You might end up needing to do this anyway. But just a guess as to what might work if you feel risky. :slight_smile:

I have just exchanged two Samsung Multi-Sensors using this method (Exchanging "Zigbee ID"s and two "Device network ID"s and it worked perfectly. So I can confirm that for two similar devices, it works.

This is quite useful when needing to switch out two sensors without having to go through all the associated rules!!!

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