Replacements for quirky outlinks

Hi Folks, slowly moving off Wink. I have bunch of Quirky Tapt and Outlink switches and outlets, which i will not be attempting to move over, due to the issues with them, that i'm reading. What are good (cheap) replacements for outlets that work solid with HE to replace the Outlinks? For the Tapts, will be replacing those with Caseta, which is 90% of switches i use already.

I've been using the GE (GE/Embrighten/Jasco) outlets but I don't see any of the Zigbee versions available. I don't know if they are produced. I do see the Z-wave versions are available. I have both versions for use as repeaters and they have worked well.

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In-wall outlets seem to be getting rare. Here is a recent discussion about them. In-Wall Zigbee Outlets

The Outlink are Zigbee if I am remembering correctly, you might try them in Hubitat and see what happens. There are generic Zigbee drivers in Hubitat that probably will work on a basic level. Worst case it doesn't work?

For switches you can't beat the price of Zooz. They have lots of features and seem to work well. You might consider these in certain areas if you want things like double/triple taps or switches that have the capability to control smart bulbs.

For Lutron, remember you will need the Bridge Pro2 (now called the Hub Pro) the L-BDGPRO2-WH, not the normal Bridge or Smart Hub to integrate with Hubitat.


Thanks, i dont want to use the outlinks even thought theyre Zigbee, people say, nothing but issues with them.

Got it, thanks!

Ge Jasco z-wave or zigbee, or enerwave work well.

Switches? Lutron all day, every day... They're tanks...

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Oh yes. Lutron is what i use for switches. The best.

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