Repeating action only repeating twice

Hello all, I'm a newbie just came over from wink. I'm trying to make a rule that at 9:00 pm checks to see if my garage door is open and if it is has Alexa say "Garage door is open" every 10 minutes until the door is closed.

I started coding it and have gotten it to work for the most part but the repeat isn't working right, so I stripped the code down to:

Select Actions for Garage Left Open
Repeat 4 times every 0:00:01 Speak on Echo - Kitchen: 'Garage door is open' --> delayed: 0:00:02 (cancelable)

When I run this Alexa will says "Garage door is open" only twice ... I had an end repeat in there but took it out to see if that would help ... it didn't

Why not use the notifier app? Sample below.


First could you enlarge that a bit, I'm having trouble reading the fine print. :laughing:

It looks like you have it trying to repeat 4 times in 1 second. Pretty sure there is some rule against pounding the AWS servers that might be blocking you.

Try once per minute 0:01:00 - every ten would be 0:10:00


Also your delay in the repeat is longer than your repeat cycle time.

You always want your repeat cycle time to be larger than any delayed encountered in the repeat procedure.

And nothing like picking on the new guy !!

Just joking.

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If you want to use RM, here’s how you do the repeat notifications. For me, “Alexa Refrigerator” is a virtual switch that acts like a motion sensor to trigger an Alexa TTS message. This repeats until the door is closed, but you just enter the N repeat value to limit it.

:o) thanks ... I was just trying to get it to work so i put short times in so I didn't have to sit around for a minute to wait for it ... a minute is so long ...

Hey what are new guys for if not to pick on ... in a year from now I'll pick on the next new guy, right? All in good fun ...

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Being the new guy I didn't know there was a notification app ... I just tested it and it works great, but only repeats the message once ... I want it to repeat once every 10 minutes ... I put "2" in the "Onlky once within this number of minutes" field thinking that it would repeat once every 2 minutes ... that was not the case ...

Thanks again for your help!

So I got it working using this:
Trigger: Garage Door Changed

Select Actions for Garage Door Left Open
IF (Time between 21:00 and 07:30(F) AND
Garage Door open(T) [FALSE]) THEN
Delay 0:10:00 (cancelable)
Repeat every 0:10:00 (stopable)
Notify Benny’s iPhone, Echo - Living Room Dot: 'Garage door is open'
Cancel Delayed Actions
Stop Repeating Actions

This ALMOST does what I want. The issue is if the garage door is open before 9:00 pm then it's not getting triggered ... it's only triggered if the garage changes position after 9:00 pm ... I tried changing the trigger to "Certain Time = 9:00 pm and Garage Door Open" but it was going off at the time regardless of the door position

You should definitely have 9pm as a trigger.

Your first IF should handle the AND condition with the door open being a requirement.

Could you post the actual screenshot of the rule? Sometimes how you enter the rule may not be exactly like you have written in text.

Also, minor thing, but instead of listing the cancel and stop in the else portion, these can be your first two lines before you hit your if statement.

I use this:

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