Repeating action not stopping

I'm probably missing something obvious, but I created rules for my shades to basically open at sunrise and then check every 5 seconds until the shades are at 100%, then I want the repeating and rule to end. The rule worked this morning (all shades opened), but they all still say 'repeating' next to the rule. Am I missing something to get the repeat to stop?

Note: I did it this way because the shades are battery powered and sometimes don't respond on the first try so I wanted a rule that kept sending the open signal until they actual are all the way open.

You need to check for the level within your repeat. As your rule stands, the level is checked before the repeat begins.

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One way you can address the issue @aaiyar mentions (your "Stop Repeating Actions" step will never be reached, at least not until maybe sunrise the next day) is to use a simple conditional on the "Repeat" action. This acts as a check each time the repeat loops back to the beginning and will stop it if the conditions not met:

IF (Dimmer level of Living Room Shade 1 is != 100) Repeat every 0:00:05
  Position Shades: Living Room Shade 1 to 100

That being said, it looks like you're hammering this device with commands every 5 seconds until it reports the desired level, which I assume is you trying to work around some problem. I'd really look into the device or network to see why this is necessary first, and I might consider an interval longer than 5 seconds either way. :slight_smile: Not to distract from the actual question on repeats...


Thanks - so basically I just move my if statement inside the repeat instead of out of it like below? And yeah - I'd definitely love to find out the root issue but until I do this will have to work. I will probably change it to every minute or so. They are Bali Autoview shades and they work 95% of the time, but occasionally they just seem to not respond for awhile and miss the morning rule, so I hoped this would keep checking until its right. Hopefully it only has to run once, but the repeat will keep the wife happy if no shades are still down when we wake up.

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