So I am new to home automation. I am trying to extend my network to a far bedroom upstairs from the hub itself. Are there any z wave repeaters or plugs that act as repeaters anyone recommends? I’m trying to keep everything consistent for simplicity sake. Thanks in advance.

Any “mains” powered device by Zwave spec acts as a repeater. I would recommend putting in a few Zwave Plus switches in between the hub and this bedroom. GE/Jasco makes a receptacle as well that I use for lamps, this assumes you are in US though.

Thanks! Yes I am in the US. I appreciate the input

Any non-battery powered Zwave Plus device should be an acceptable repeater. Whether it is hard wired, or a plugin module.

If you want more details on a specific device, though, you can go to the zwave alliance webpage and lookup specific products. With zwave vendors are required to publish the capabilities of the device.

I typically look for devices that have this in the Z-Wave Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement :
Supports Z-Wave Beaming Technology? Yes
Supports Z-Wave Network Security? Yes

Which is most anything zwave plus these days.

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