Repeatable problem choosing Activator Device in RL

Created a new RL instance w/two blinds in it. Completed settings and when I got to the bottom of the page created the Activation Device.

When I go back to Means to Activate Devices to set the activator as one of the means I get this error consistently.
Created the group:

After entering the Activator Device name at the bottom of the page went back up to select it as a means to turn on, and I get the error below:


I then went back to the main page of RL instance and hit Update. Then the Activator Device filled in and the error no longer occurred. Seems like RL should let me get into Activate Lights Options if I don't hit Update first.

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This is not a selection you make, but one that happens automatically whenever there is an Activator device. Hit Update after creating the Activator.

Yes, the line 1706 error is a bug. I'll fix it.

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