Repeatable Hue Bug (when setting hue/color to zero, device info doesn't update)

Hubitat is the best. I purchased my second one last week and am using it now.

This morning, I found an easily reproduced bug. It's a bit confusing because the word "hue" used in two different senses here:

  1. Changing the hue of a Philips Hue bulb to the value of '0' is NOT recorded in events and the status indicated hue of the bulb is not updated. This is true even when the change is submitted using the Hubitat device page. (Note: the color does change to red as it should -- it is just that Hubitat never records the event.)
  2. Changing the hue to any other value (other than what Hubitat already believes the value already is) does result in the update.
  3. A work-around would be to never use a hue of zero, but, for example, if I ask Alexa to change the color to red the bulb turns red, but the Hubitat will never know. Hue is set to zero -- but Hubitat will never know that even if I poll the device.
  4. Is the same bug true of other RGB bulbs? I can't test as I only have my Philips Hue connected to Hubitat at this time.

Let me know if there any additional information I should provide.


Noted before by me. Hubitat won’t take a value of zero for hue, even though standard HSL models allow it. Minimum value for hue in Hubitat is 1... It appears to take zero, but it doesn’t hold.

Interesting. I searched for a similar report but apparently didn't choose the right keywords.
I appreciate the confirmation.

Yes, absolutely Hubitat will accept a hue of zero and pass it to the bulb; In the bulb's device page, I can set the value to zero and watch the bulb turn red. But zero is the only value wherein the setting of hue in the "Current States" section of the page is not updated -- not immediately and not ever.