Repeatable...create new dashboard and add all lights. Open new dashboard and it has every device

Bizarre behavior in the Dashboard app. Done this several times in a row, and it doesn't change.

  1. Create new dashboard
  2. Add only lights
  3. Done out and confirm new dashboard in list
  4. Go to Dashboards section
  5. Select the new Dashboard
  6. Prompted to choose between two options to create the tiles on the dashboard.
    2020-08-20 22_11_44-Dashboards
  • If I select the Auto-Fill option I get a dashboard w/every device I have connected to my hub
  • If I select the manual option it's like creating a dashboard from scratch - I'd have to add every tile manually

I've tried three times in a row and the result is always the same.

I created a similar dashboard w/all my doors and windows moments before and it opened w/all my door/window selections in place the first time I opened it.

Not uncommon experience and reboot hub to fix it, or ? Using Chrome browser on Win10, both current versions. Thanks.

Is it adding all devices withe the "switch" attribute? That is the only attribute that the light capability has so I would not bne surprised if anything with a switch attribute cam in. Now, if a contact sensor comes in too...that would be odd. But if it's anything with a switch, that I would understand. How else is it going to know what's a light and what's not?

It's everything, contact sensors motion sensors music players, thermostat, irrigation you name it it's there.

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I found similar when I tried to use an auto-filled dashboard yesterday. I thought I'd just misunderstood how it's meant to work, so I made the dashboard manually in the end.

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Unfortunately because there is only one instance of dashboards (one oAuth token, etc) the app has access to all devices, regardless what you select in the UI. The UI selection is more of a convenience feature.

I suspect this is how this is broken.

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It's really strange, because I made another dashboard afterwards with devices in and near one room, and the first time I opened it, it created itself correctly from what I had set in the dashboard app and looked fine.

There's definitely some kind of intermittent bug going on here.

I ran into this very thing yesterday, here is what I found

@bravenel, maybe you can have a look

When you first create the Dashboard, notice Use all your devices option is not there, if you don't select any devices and click out of the devices list, the option is now there and selected, if you then manually add your devices, notice the use all your devices option does not deselect and apparently it overrides your manual selection so when you auto fill, you get everything

After my 3rd tried, I turned off the all devices option then it worked as intended.... except it did add 2 devices that I did not select, one was an HMS switch (which I don't use) and the other was another random device which was also not selected. 2 was way better than 75 so I just moved on

Hope this helps


Excellent, that does sound like a reasonable explanation of what's happening, I'll go confirm on my end.

Yup - didn't notice that before. Use all devices is defaulted, which is probably the exact opposite of the approach I would recommend.

And even when you use the option to choose which devices you want in the dashboard, the Use all devices option persists.

Use all devices is defaulted to on.
2020-08-21 07_25_25-Lights

Using the option to select devices doesn't toggle "Use all devices" off as it should.

I found out how I did create a couple dashboards w/out the All devices option getting involved. If you start selecting devices before entering a name for the dashboard (leave it at its default "Dashboard,") the "Use all devices" option is not enabled, it doesn't even appear:


So some odd inconsistencies in the UI, and an unfortunate (IMHO) choice to default use all devices for every dashboard when the dashboard name is entered.

Thanks very much for helping me figure thie out, @toy4rick!

And another issue that @toy4rick noticed, random tiles getting added to dashboards, documented below:

Turn in a support ticket so that it gets logged on the bug list.

Never seen that option, @627soutmain. Do you mean just send an email to

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Yes. Click the Support link at the top of this community forum. This is the community support forum, not Hubitat support. However, Hubitat staff often visit these forums. Right now, I believe they’ve got an “all hands on deck” effort trying to straighten out the C-7 and 2.2.3 firmware issues.

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Yeah, I don't expect this to float to the top of any "must" list for a while, and after they get the C7 issues under control, they really need to get their new hub backup service released (and I would prioritize that above this issue as well). :slight_smile:

If anyone in a standup this week is talking about anything but C7 firmware/radio issues, they need to have their donut taken away. :wink:

Email to support sent.

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That's not really true. The dashboard loads all data for the devices that you select when the dashboard is opened. That way the data is available should it need to be displayed. So, you should never add all devices to a dashboard. It will seriously slow down your hub's performance.

Another reason why it should never be the default! :slight_smile:

Regardless of what items are selected the dashboard app has access to all devices. While they are not polled or selectable from the menu they can be inserted and controlled by the dashboard app no matter what filters are in place

All apps have access to all devices. What's your point? You can only add devices to a dashboard if they have been selected within the app. Devices that are unselected can't be put on a dashboard.

By having only one instance of the dashboard app, it must always have access to all devices, the filtering only works at the UI level. You can control devices using the underlying control endpoints, even if a particular device is in no dashboards.

This differs from things like the maker API which has some tighter controls around device selection, which is possible because you can run multiple instances.

I thought that this could be a factor in this issues, but it appears that it is just an issue with the default selections of the UI.

No you cannot. You cannot add devices to a dashboard that have not been selected within the specific child dashboard app. Try it, they won't show up on the list when you go to add devices.

They don’t show up...but they can be controlled. In fact they can be controlled by the cloud endpoint even when the device is in NO dashboards and NO dashboards are cloud enabled.

Yes they do not show up in the UI but programmatically they are available to the dashboard. Which is how I thought this might have happened.

When I get to a computer (on mobile) I can pull the URLs and show you!