Repeat alerts for contact sensor open?

I'm wondering what the most elegant way to have a very simple, "sensor is open for at least 90 seconds, alert every subsequent 60 seconds" rule is?

If you can use 1 or 2 minutes instead of 90 seconds for the sensor open time then the Notification app is very simple. If you need 90 seconds then a rule with a contact stays open for 90 seconds trigger and a while loop for the action.

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Yeah I can do integer minutes if that matters. I want an instant alert when the sensor opens and continual alerts every minute after (very aggressive constant “it’s open” type system).

@mexpsdw I use this for my front door. Essentially after the door is open for 2 mins it squawks every 2 mins until either A: The door is closed, or B: A virtual switch is activated to silence the notifications. (This is done either by a button push on a button controller or a dashboard button)


To get that, you can juse use the built-in Notificatons app, as @pseudonym suggested. All the options you want are available:

Have you tested this rule? I didn't think through everything, but it looks like it will just repeat once through, then stop (your "Stop" is directly in the repeat, not inside a conditional that only stops it when that is true). Also, the other method it seems you have of stopping everything is just "Exit Rule," which just stops looking at additional actions but doesn't un-schedule/un-subscribe anything previously set in place (repeats, waits, etc.)--so it won't do much. It will also never be reached once it's passed the first time unless another door event happens.

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I've been using this for over a year and it works brilliantly. It repeats every 2 mins. It's cancel-able by a virtual switch so I can leave the door open if needed without notifications. It handles both front and back doors. Door and DoorCount are the variables. The rule starts whenever a door is open and if in that 2 minute window the door closes it simply exits the rule.

Note: My older son got tired of hearing Rat Bastards from Alexa, so I changed it to little shites... :rofl:


oh man this thread is solid gold. I'll try a few implementations tonight! I gave a simple example but I've actually got a bunch of use-cases I need to code in (I've physically moved to a new home that needs basic smarthome setup and I'm using the move as an excuse to port from Smart Things to HE). I've actually got:

  • front door
  • garage door through MyQ and maybe I do a redundant 3axis sensor
  • pool door w/kiddos (hence aggressive alerts)
  • deep freezer w/both door and a temp sensor inside

translation: I'm about go to ham on these rules!


Let us know how it works out.
Oh here is my variable settings

Is there a built-in variable for the amount of time and/or the number of repeats a notification loop has done in the built in app? I see how to make my own rules, but I'm wondering if I can avoid going that deep. I want to include time in my text message... maybe in the future I'll escalate alerts based on how long a door has been open (eg at the 5min mark start to do an audio message as well).

So far, the build in Notification app is working as intended here. In retrospect I was getting lost for two reasons:

  1. The HE UI confuses me with the way menus dont change until after you leave a context box... I need to remind myself to "tab out" of a box so that the "done" button appears, etc.
  2. The same interactive UI paradigm hides some menus I want to see, like the "repeat" button! The language is a bit confusing too, but I get it and it's fine for me now.

The Notifications app does not have any built-in variables that do that, just the ones the UI tells you about. So, you'd need a rule (or custom app) to do that.

And yeah, some Hubitat apps have a "dynamic" UI, which means it may change based on selections you've made. Most of these selections should be "submitted" when changed but require a click/tab/etc. out of the field to let it know you're done. Seems like you've got that figured out! (Rule Machine is definitely going to be another one these apps, though!)

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is the Notification app still a thing? I dont see it on C7/2.3.6. Seems it would do exactly what I was just about to make a post on with a Rule I was working to create.

edit: nevermind me.

I still see it on

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I'm blind.


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Also you can just do it in your rule with "Notify" command