Reolink integration

For me I couldn't care less. I hate talking to my

Not completely true. I would say HA has everything single HE local/Cloud devices and more also every imaginable cloud integrations.
They are both great at certain things.

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Yeah, agree. Of the differences between Hubitat and Home Assistant, I don't think coverage of smart devices (local or cloud) will ever fall into the Hubitat column.

Talk ease of use or rule machine or something else subjective... just not device compatibility.

Sorry if this was addressed somewhere in this thread but I couldnt find it.

I want to install a couple of cameras with color night vision but I believe they all (including the Reolinks) rely on a spotlight for the color. Anyone know if there is a way to have hubitat deactivate the spotlight based on some conditions. I know Rule Machine can handle what I need it to do but is there a URL I can hit to disable/enable that light? I dont have a color night vision camera to test with.