Rename HSM -Modes- States

I know that the 3 modes are pretty integrated into HSM, but would it be possible to allow end users to rename them? So like HSM status shows "Partial" or "Stay" instead of "armedHome"?

This is really low importance in the grand scheme of things but would up the cool factor the more personalization you allow.

I know there's probably some work around to show/set a custom mode depending on HSM mode, was just s thought.

You can. Just go into the modes setting page, type in the name you want it to be and hit update. Voila!

Hi, those modes don't have to do with HSM armed modes: disarmed, away, home and night. You can sync a "scene" mode to HSM status, but what I was referring to is being able to change HSM mode names to more closely match your theme/environment. It shouldn't be too difficult to create a variable that can be set and used through out the UI. The only problem is if there's logic that is hard coded to those mode names (would need to use some other unique value).

What I am doing right now, as a workaround, is setting scene modes dependent on HSM mode, and displaying it in my dashboards instead. Which isn't really all that great because I now can't use those type of modes independent of HSM.

To further hash out my idea, scene modes should be able to be toggled on and off independently of each other.

Like, create a mode "night" that only certain rules run (like lights), but also have a mode called holiday or something that had linked rules to tweak thermostat settings, etc.

I know the idea for this logic is actually available in RM, so maybe I'm missing the point of these modes.

HSM "modes" aren't modes, they are alarm arming states. They allow refined control over alerts for the security system. These may or may not be related to the location Modes.

HSM as 4 arming states: "armedAway", "armedHome", "armedNight", and "disarmed".

The hub starts out with four Modes: Day, Evening, Night and Away. Those can be renamed, removed, added to, etc. The Modes have many uses along the lines of what you are talking about. apologies. When I saw modes I thought you were talking about hub modes. Those are editable. Why would you want to edit the HSM armed state "modes"? They are only visible within HSM and you can tie any hub mode to any HSM arm state, if you choose to do that within HSM.

Yes, sorry.... I was using the wrong terminology. I guess it's kind of a dumb reason and it mostly has to do with the dashboard displays.

I had iris and still have Iris v2 keypads. I hit "Partial" and my hsm status tile says armedHome. So there's a bit of a disconnect there until we (wife, kids and I) get used to the new "states". Hence tying a location mode to hsm state (thanks for clearing up the terminology) and displaying that instead.

In any case, it's a bit of a vanity request (renaming hsm states) - just thought I'd throw it out there.

These HSM state names are pretty deeply baked into our system and apps.

That's what I figured, and definitely not worth it for my needs. Thanks!