Removing child apps

Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but an app that shows up below one of the built-in apps in the list of installed apps is always a child app, is that correct? Asking to ensure I'm using the correct term for those items.

Wondering if the child app (assuming I'm using the correct term) could have a different label for the remove button. For example, if I remove an individual rule from Rule Machine or a group from the Groups app, the button says "Remove app" as shown in the example below.

I know now what this means, e.g. Only the child app I am viewing the info for will be removed when I click that button. But when you're new to the platform, that's confusing and it sounds as if clicking that is going to remove the parent app. I was afraid to click this in the beginning, because I thought doing so was going to remove Rule Machine, as an example, and I would therefor lose all my rules in doing so. I obviously known better now, but it would go a long way in making the procedure easier to understand if the button were labelled "Remove child app" when it is only the child that will be removed when clicking the remove button at the bottom of the child app details or info page.