Remove "Inovelli 4 in 1" sensor?

I have a Inovelli 4 in 1 sensor that went quiet on me. I tried unsuccessfully to wake it. I decided I wanted to remove and reinstall it. That turned out to be more of a hassle than it should as after removing the device from apps and the dashboard still showed them listed as being in use when attempting to remove it again. I reset the device and excluded it.. a couple of times. I saw the last time that "an unknown device had been excluded" yet, it still was listed in devices. I ran a Z-wave inclusion and found the device again. I configured it and it began reporting just fine. The down side is that I noticed I have 2 devices listed for the same piece of hardware. At this point, I just want to delete both listings of the device and the driver in favor of reinstalling with an alternate driver; but am stuck on how to go about it. Thanks in advance.

Ideally, the best way to remove a device is:

  1. Navigate to the device page in "Devices"
  2. Note the "In use by" section and remove from all apps it is use by
  3. Click the "Remove" button, put the device in exclusion mode if it it is Z-Wave or follow other removal instructions specific to the device (consult the manual for how; Zigbee devices often just receive this command and reset themselves)

I know you tried at least some of that, but I thought I'd mention the whole, ideal process in case that's of any help. Sometimes step 3 does not work, then you may need to:

  1. Force remove a Z-Wave device if needed: if the Z-Wave exclusion takes too long (if it doesn't detect that the Z-Wave device asked to be excluded, usually by you pressing or holding a button or sequence of buttons in step 3), Hubitat will offer this option. If it's all that works, it's all that works, but "polite" exclusion is better and in this case it's a good idea to...
  2. Factory reset the Z-Wave device (consult the manual for how) or perform a "general exclusion" before trying to pair it again (again, consult the manual for how)--Z-Wave devices are picky about not wanting to join a new network if they think they are already on one.

To do a general exclusion, either:

  • Navigate to Devices > Discover Devices > Z-Wave, and choose "Start Z-Wave Exclusion," or
  • Navigate to Settings > Z-Wave, and click "Z-Wave Exclude."

The second option requires you to keep "Logs" open to verify that anything happened; it's not a bad idea for either method, but the first will tell you "Unknown Z-Wave device excluded" on that screen if that happens. It also sounds like you tried one of these methods, but this would be my last resort for a device that was originally paired to Hubitat (but it's definitely good for troubleshooting devices that weren't, were forced removed, or were joined to another hub).

So, all that being said, it sounds like you might be able to:

  • Remove the 4-in-1 from any apps it's still in use by (even if the device isn't functional); some people don't do this and it usually doesn't cause problems, but staff recommends it, especially for apps like Rule Machine that may be particularly sensitive to missing devices
  • Force-remove any 4-in-1 devices that might be still left on your hub (just try a regular removal from the device page and wait for it to time out--it will then offer this option)
  • Make sure the 4-in-1 is reset or has had a general exclusion (as above) performed on it--sounds like you have?
  • Try inclusion/pairing again

Also, for changing a driver, there is no need to reset or remove the device. In nearly all cases, you can just change to the new driver ("Type:" on the device page if the driver is installed), click "Save Device," then click "Configure" with the new driver (almost always needed for Zigbee drivers, especially if a different or no specific device was assigned originally, but it's rarely a bad idea for Z-Wave, either).

tl;dr Force remove/delete both devices and try again, installing the new driver either before (easy) or after (still possible). :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I got this resolved with the help you provided. Thanks again!


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I know this is a little dated but I just had the same situation. Battery was actually dead. Putting a new battery in fixed the problem without having to remove / add again. It appears the driver is very chatty and wants to send updates by default every few minutes. I suspect that drained the battery in 30 days! Have gone back into the driver settings and changed the default settings for sending all the reports and so far it is much less chatty!

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