Remove debug from IKEA blind driver

The driver from @a4refillpad for the IKEA blinds has been working great. Is there a way to modify the driver so the logs aren’t flooded with DEBUG comments? These blinds report quite often and the majority of the reports are DEBUG.

Here is a snippet from this morning of a 30 minute window

Not sure exactly what driver you're using (a link to a post with it or at least the code itself is always helpful), but from a quick search based on a guess and looking at that code: you should just be able to turn off the "Enable debug logging?" option on the device if you're using the same driver I found. (The same way it works for most drivers, except this one doesn't appear to auto-disable after install or enabling.)

The driver is here

There is nothing in the driver to enable or disable debug.

There is:

Thanks for that. I am not using that driver even though it is from a4refillpad pad and is for IKEA blinds.

Time to change all 12 blinds to this driver.

I assumed because HPM didn't find a newer version that there was none.