Remove button Z-wave does not work

I have tried everything that I know to remove this ghost node. Refresh, Repair, Reboot, Shutdown and unplug for > 30 minutes....the Remove button does not remove the node. Hub has been updated to latest software. Suggestions?

Is the device you are trying to remove connected as another device and still powered on? If it is, you need to remove power from it before trying to remove. If that isn't it, there is a post on ghost removal here:

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Thanks @tray_e . I was hoping to avoid going through the Z stick process. Ultimately, I had to use my Zooz 700 stick to remove the ghost.

Are you on the latest Z-Wave firmware? There's supposed to be a "Firmware Update" button on the Z-Wave Details page if not, but I'm not sure if that made it into the new UI (yet?). The output of this endpoint will tell you for sure:


What is it supposed to be?

I think 7.17.1 on the C-7 and 7.18.1 on the C-8. I forget which "sub version" value in the output actually matters, but since that's the only difference, it's the one(s) you'll want to look for, something like zWaveProtocolSubVersion:18.

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I currently have a ghost device and I can't get a remove button, it says not responding when I click refresh but won't give me the remove button.

Like @Pantheon I was hoping to avoid breaking out the Z-stick, so any ideas. According to the link you provided, all the Subversions are 18. I have a update button, and when I click it it goes active for a second then comes back and does nothing. There is nothing in the log suggesting anything happened.

I updated to the latest hub firmware version, I was only one minor revision back 144, just brought it up to 145.

This is not the "Firmware Update" button I was talking about. It just saves the settings in that box. See: Z-Wave Details | Hubitat Documentation

Yeah I see that now, that is just saving the region setting.. :woozy_face:

I guess I get to to try and get the Z-stick thing working again. It has probably been a year or better since I did that last time and I will have spend the next hour trying to remember, and/or looking how to set it up

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It was recently discovered that it will never remove when there are neighbors showing still.


Not sure if this is a bug with SiLabs or intentional.
Seems like a bug because it will immediately say that it is no longer in the failed node list.

You can only remove it when neighbors shows 1.

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Mine shows 20, so I guess that will be a problem.

I should clarify, you can only remove it from the HUB when neighbors is 1.
PC Controller does follow the same rules as the hub and just forces it out.

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If found my text file I created last time I had to do this, and got the node removed. Now I am just trying to get the Z-stick controller removed.

I just leave mine plugged in all the time, it acts a repeater.


Same. Haven't really noticed any problems just leaving it there. I'm gonna need to use it again sometime so might as well just keep it included and plugged in..

Well that was a PITA. One Zooz switch died due to the battery being low and it wouldn't come back up. I had to factory reset it to get it re-paired. It re-paired fine but created a ghost node for the old instance.

That was about three hours of my Sunday just to replace a dead battery. Getting the controller removed was almost worse than the ghost node. Finally got it. geez.

Do I have a ghost here? I ask because it shows a connection on the right, and I read elsewhere that ghosts dont. I think it's leftover from a child device, after I removed the parent. Appreciate all your input....

Refresh doesn't do anything.

You do. If you click refresh, hopefully you will get a remove button. Then start clicking it. If you are lucky it will remove it. Which up until the last ghost I just went through was pretty much all you needed to do. It might take a few tries before it gets deleted but it would usually do so in a few tries.

Just saw that you get no remove, May need to go the Z-stick route.


Child devices do not have their own z-wave nodes, so that doesnt make sense.

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Thanks for quick replies. I'll keep trying the refresh, if not, I'll have to order a z-stick. I'm UK, so is the si-labs stick my best bet?