Remove built-in Life360 Connector app without removing virtual presence objects

Hello HE community - question - I recently moved to using Apple TV automations (using Maker API) for sending presence info to my C8 hub. So far it works beautifully (100% accurate after a few days, unlike with the Life360 integration, where it was hit or miss nearly every day as we would come and go)! So, my question - how do I remove the built-in Life360 Connector app without removing the virtual presence objects it created? I have many rules tied into those virtual presence objects, which is why I don't want to delete and recreate all that. Any way to do this? Thanks in advance!

If I remember correctly you can not remove the app without removing the devices it created.
But, I would like to suggest a different approach.
Do not delete the Life360 app.
Create a new device for the Apple integration.
Then, combine them to get better accuracy using the Combined presence app. Look for it.
If you decide eventually to delete the Life 360 app do it only after you created the new presence devices and just use the built in Swap Devices in apps witch is available in the Settings page.
Good luck.

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Good info, thanks! I forgot about the Switch Devices thing - never tried it before. TY!

Hey again - I tried the Switch Devices thing - does the Switch Devices process not support these virtual presence devices? The "old" Life360-created virtual presence devices do not show in the swap list. Odd thing is, the new virtual presence devices show up as available to swap. ???

I can confirm they do not show up in my list of “old” devices to be swapped.
Sorry, I do not know why. But I can think that if they did it would make a mess as they will be replaced in all apps and also in the app that created them. This would be problematic.

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