Remotec ZFM-80 Showing as Dead. No Events

I have a Remotec ZFM-80 device that has been reporting as dead since last night.

I can turn the device on and off via HE console. Alexa and ST via OH, but it reports no Device Events in the past 12 hours and is not aware of its status.

Mine reports dead from time to time but it still works. Is your mesh good where this device is located? I recently changed out an older zwave switch to a plus to help the mesh in an area and I haven’t noticed this switch in a dead status that much.

The mesh is currently being rebuilt in that area. I nuked ST yesterday and unfortunately excluded this device prior to the nuke. It was actually associated with HE and working fine due to my having HE and ST on the zwave network.

I have 2 zwave and 1 zwave plus device within 10 ft of the relay currently, and another 5 or so within 20ft, so I’m not sure it’s a mesh issue.

Inclusion is going slowly as devices aren’t discovered or fail/stall during initialization, AND the fact that my minimote won’t do device inclusions on HE. Too lazy to walk around with the hub wired to speed the process.