Remotec ZFM-80 for Bathroom Fan Control?

Many years ago I bought a ZFM-80 with the idea of using it to control my bathroom fan.

I believe my thinking was "Button Push = Turn Fan on for 10min" OR "humidity = X% --> Turn Fan on"

Not a whole lot on here about the ZFM-80, and no one using it for something like this.

Is it possible? I like the idea that it is clearly different than a light switch. I also have an Aeotec DSC18103 Micro Smart Switch I can throw into the mix if that helps with turning the fan on/off.

I have a fan light combo, and use the Zooz Zen 30.

Mine isn't a combo, the current fan control is a timer dial type.

Seeing as I think the Remote is similar to the relay portion of the Zen30 (of which I own two and are currently using them in other locations) Can you share how you're doing your automations for it?

My family are button pushers, so the only "automations" I use with it are to send off commands when we are leaving the house, just to make sure the kids didn't accidentlly leave it running. It reports as an on/off switch, so just about any trigger will work.

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So I wired up the ZFM-80 in a test box. Do I have to configure something in settings to get the button on the device to communicate with HE so I can use it as a trigger? Or is this not possible at all, and only the relay portion is controllable?