Remotec Relay

I have setup a Remotec relay. The switch terminals are connect to another relay. When that relay pulls in I wanted a light to come on. The light has a Zooz switch which works fine. I setup a simple lighting .
Which Light- Security Light
Turn on
Trigger- turn on/off
Which switch-Remotec
Turn on When- Turn on
I thought that when the remotec relay was energized it would send a signal to the Zooz switch.
Am I wrong in my thinking?

I don't understand what you have wired to what....

What is this second relay? So, what are you trying to do? When you switch on the rometec also switch on the zooz switch?

What is turning that relay on or off? And why is it necessary? A wiring diagram or picture would probably help.

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Remotec Relay L=120v ac N= 120v neutral
Relay load are dry contacts
Last two are the trigger swtich.
If you hit the trigger switch the relay will come on. I am using another relay activated by my alarm siren. When siren is activated the relay closes and makes contact with the trigger switch on Remotec. I want the Remotec to send a signal via the hub to turn on the security lights.

Is the romtec configured for the switch inputs to be momentary or held? Does the romtec turn on when the alarm sounds? Is the relay #2 rated for 120VAC?

The Simple lighting has Switch Turn ON. It doesn't say momentary or held. The rometec does turn on when the alarm sounds. Relay 2 is rated for 120vac. I had it turn on once but it never turned off after alarm went off. I think I have the wrong type of device. I was just looking at MIMO2+ and it says that it works with alarm system.

Then simple lighting isn't your problem. The problem is that the romtec is configured for momentary triggers. You need to use the simple z-wave tool to configure the external switch.

I hope you don't mean that you have the other relay wired to the load of the romotec. The load of the romotec should go to a light or something else. Not to the relay

where can I get the simple zwave tool?

I am really new and quite dumb about this programming as you can see from my earlier messages that is why I need the help. 71 years old but still trying.

You can get the basic Z-wave tool here:

Install that as a driver, change the driver used by the Romotec to this driver, then hit configure. This will allow you to change the programming for individual parameters on the device.

I just downloaded and replaced driver. In a previous reply from you
"I hope you don't mean that you have the other relay wired to the load of the romotec. The load of the romotec should go to a light or something else. Not to the relay" As I mentioned, the Zooz swtich is located in my kitchen for the security lights for the back of house and another Zooz switch in my foyer for the front. I want to have both on when alarm goes off. So do I have to have the load wire attached to the switch connected to the relay load? If so this isn't going to work because I can't get to those switches. I thought that once the remotec was triggered it would send a signal to those swtiches to turn on. I don't mind even if they don't turn off I can do that manually. If that doesn't work would the MIMO2+ work like I want.
Again thanks for your help.

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I tried that and put in parameter 2 and in value due I put 0x02. Also I see nothing in current state.
If I push the button on front and relay pulls in shouldn't it send the signal to switch to turn on?

you should not have put 0x02 in the value. you were also missing the size. Parameter should be 2 and value should be 2.

I should also mention that this device has to be sent an On command followed by an Off command. It has no momentary. So if you use NO for instance and you want to have a momentary action you would send an On followed by an Off a second later. Sending just an On will leave it in On until you send it another Off. Same goes for the button on the front. Push it once it is On and push it again and it is Off.

Yeah, he's not using it like that. He's using the external switch to detect a 120v current. But you also want to be using setting #3, not setting #2. You want the check to be between closed and open since the other relay delivers 120vac when on and 0vac when off.

@mrcorvettegolfer Yea the only reason I brought it up was because he mentioned above that the remotec turned on when the alarm went on but never turned off when the alarm turned off. Which would be why you said use #3.
As far as using the NO that was just for an example only. I should have used #3 instead,

Getting back to the remotec. Is the alarm sending a close (no voltage) and open to the remotec? Obviously there should be no voltage placed on the switch inputs to the remotec.
So if the alarm is sending a close (basically shorting the 2 inputs of the remotec switch together that would turn the remotec on. Consequently an open would turn it off.
With all that said the remotec will show an On or a Off depending on the alarm output status, then a rule to turn on/off the 2 lights he mentioned would come from the on/off of the remotec status. If the remotec is On the lights are On and so on.

But of course if the alarm is indeed sending a close (short) and an open then a d/w or other device that has a connector block would work also.

The alarm output is connected to its own relay which simply shorts the two remotec switch inputs. At least that's how I understand it. If that's not correct then we have bigger problems going on here.

Getting closer. Put in parameter 2 and value 2. I did get it to work but with specifed time. So lets say I put in 2:00pm on and 2:05 pm off. I jump the trigger contacts momentarily and lights go on and they go off at 2:05 but I don't want it to work that way. It needs to be when the alarm relay, which are DRY contacts closes remotec lights are on and when alarm is off lights go off. Wish I had your knowledge.

You are correct. They are dry contacts and at the trigger terminals on remotec is 120v so the alarm relay is triiggerd by alram 12vdc and the contacts are rated for 120vac.

@mrcorvettegolfer I guess the best thing to do here is to find an output from the alarm board, what Ryan said, a relay output. This output must NOT contain any voltage on it. It can only be a contact closure in itself with no voltage. If there is one then it can be connected to the switch inputs of the remotec. A voltmeter is advised to check the outputs from the alarm board.
This is where I would start.