Remote reboot? Cloud access works, but not hubitat

I have a series of remote dashboards to look at my Hubitat environment. I can access the dashboards, but the hub itself does not seem to updating any of the devices. I can even look at tile history of the various devices, but there seem to have been no updates in the last few days to any of them.

One of the dashboards has a momentary switch tile which is supposed to reboot the hub. It has worked in the past, but seems to have no effect now. Any other switch tile will indicate sending to the switch if I toggle it, but it never gets out of sending mode.

Is there any other way to remotely reboot the hub? Normally, I'd just walk over to it and pull the plug, but I'm 3000 miles away from home.

Not a great idea. It's the best way to render your hubitat unresponsive. Your remote reboot include hard booting it? If so, you'll probably be out of luck on that. Hard booting is never recommended for hubitat.

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Assuming that you don't have additional security on your device, the following should work:
Send POST to: http://your-hub-ip:8080/hub/reboot

As it has always resumed operation after rebooting following a power outage (longer than my UPS provides for), I would have thought this a last-ditch option if all other forms of access failed.

In any case, it is not an alternative as I am in Arizona and my Hubitat is in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, this is not an option since the Hubitat is inside my home LAN, behind the ingress router's firewall. I have no permitted access to the Hubitat.

Assuming that the cloud access to a dashboard actually gets the layout and device data directly from the Hubitat, that port is still open and replying to to requests. I was hoping that there was a way to format a reboot request through that port.

I have the URLs for the dashboards and hoped that there might be some way to craft a reboot signal via the open port.

Why not create a virtual http switch to reboot your hub then add that to a dashboard.
That way you can remotely reboot the hub if it is responding enough
It works for me!
You don't say if you are using security on your hub (it won't work if you are)


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It has been several months since I've been home, but I am pretty sure that is what I did. I have a virtual switch that does the reboot which is assigned to a tile on my main dashboard. It has been working well up until now.

The strange thing is that I call display all of my cloud dashboards. They show that the Hub has not been listening to any devices for a couple of days, but it does respond to requests for the dashboards.

I don't have the reboot switch as an IFTTT applet, but do have controls for a couple of lights. The IFTTT applet attempts are also failing to cause any changes as I can observe the lights via a couple of cameras that are working.

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