Remote hub usability issues on Android Chrome

I have a pixel 4 with current chrome and there are two very annoying usability issues for the browser experience that I'm wondering if have work arounds. Tldr - the stuff at the bottom of the pages have big usability issues.

When using the remote hub feature, there is a large floating box overlay that reminds me I am connected remotely and offers to "disconnect now". The overlay is a out 1/3 the width of the screen and about two lines of text tall and pinned to the bottom left of the screen. This makes is challenging or impossible to see / click some stuff in that section of the screen.

Second, and made worse in conjunction with the prior issue: I typically use hubitat with some tab groups and mobile chrome often shows a bottom bar with icons for my current tab groups. Usually this bar disappears as I am browsing around the current page, but with hubitat pages it seems to stay pinned. This item also behaves as an overlay on /top/ of the page, so, I can't click my last rule machine rule (that is the bottom in my Apps view).

Any workarounds for these? I will probably just stop using tab groups for my browser-based use, but neither are how I think this is probably supposed to work.


Can you post screen shots and tag @gopher.ny ?

Thanks and sorry I wasn't super smart about attachments on the original post. @gopher.ny here are the two bits that I see in my usual usage on chrome.

I didn't mention that I also think I need to click the (x) to dismiss a footer to be able to see this much of the page.

He might not reply right away as they are working on the new beta but at least it can go into the fix list.


I think I figured out part of what's going on. This is for the chrome tab group bar - not the remote hub overlay.

The tab group bar behavior seems to be the following: display on a page, but fly-away as the user scrolls the page (except also do some magic to make it reappear as the user scrolls the page in ways where it seems like they may want the buttons to come back)

The hubitat admin pages are rendered in a frame (which is nice), but the geometry of the frame seems to try to take the full visible page, and this is problematic if the tab group is displayed because it overlays in that area (and because the hubitat frame presents a scrollable area, the page never scrolls and chrome does not make it's tab group strip ever fly away).

You'll probably see this immediately (if you have access to the software config) but I wanted to share this


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