Remote Door Unlock


I'm pretty new to Hubitat (like, 2 minutes, as I just powered on my unit for the first time).

There's no Android app, right? So how do you remotely unlock a zwave door or mess with the lights?

Add the Dashboard app to the hub, create a page, add your device to the page. In the Dashboard app, you can get the access link and bookmark it. This is accessible from outside your network, and allows you to control devices.

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Welcome to Hubitat.

Correct, there is no Mobile App, for anyone, iOS, Android or Windows (phone).

Hubitat has a completely different view regarding this area. If you're coming from SmartThings, then you're familiar with the all-in-one mobile app that lets anyone both use the Automations and modify them. Bad idea of course, but it's a pretty standard flaw, given the high hurdles of deploying Mobile apps.

Hubitat's view is that Admin, the adding of devices, building out Automation, needs to be local so that random strangers don't alter your Automation for you. Users of the automation, (your family) they get access to Dashboards.

Dashboards are custom pages that expose the devices you want touched by non-admins. Dashboards are available locally and remotely. Administration is local only. If you must admin your hub remotely, use a VPN, and OpenVPN is a good choice.

Begin with the video tutorials:

Follow that up with: