Remote Dashboard on browser - URL

Sorry if this is the wrong category - but I couldn't find one that I thought matched...

I just want to make sure I understand this correctly - If I set up a hub at my cottage, and all I want to be able to do is monitor the temperature and maybe command some things remotely FROM A WEB BROWSER (laptop most likely).... Do I just set it all up at the hub while local, then right click on the "Cloud Link to Dashboard" and paste that into an email to send to my home.

Then I can just access that link through Chrome and it tunnel into the hub and will let me into the dashboard. I can look at values, turn lights on and off, maybe change modes/scenes. But I can not change any rules, etc. Obviously this assume the cottage has internet :slight_smile:

And that will work without a subscription. Do I have that correct?


Yes in the main dashboard app where it gives you the cloud links, those contain your hub UID and an access token so it routes through the Hubitat cloud server to access your hub. This works without any subscriptions, from anywhere on any browser.

You can also access the entire Hub UI remotely for free IF you setup a VPN on your router (many come with this feature now). Once you VPN to your LAN you can access all the devices on the network as if you were on site.


Perfect - thank you!!!!