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Is the 3.00 monthly charge per hub? I signed up for it today but I think I still screwed up. I was trying to get remote access to my remote hub but that hub doesn't show up as a registered hub. So I think the only thing I have remote access to is my local hub. Sometimes this thing is so confusing.

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I just had the same issue yesterday. Sent support an email, they suggested rebooting hub - kind of hard if you can't get to the hub. Checked again this morning, and it was listed. I guess either they nudged something, or it had to Hubitate overnight. Did I just coin a new word?


Thank you for reaching out, I'll relay the same message I sent to @jameslslate in the email earlier today :slight_smile:

The Remote Admin license is per account, so if the service is enabled on one hub, it activates the service for all other hubs registered with the same account. I checked your account and the subscription has been active for an hour. If you are still unable to use the service, please go to "Settings", then click "Reboot Hub".


Thanks for the reply.

So now I know the charge is per account not per hub. I guess that means my issue is really that my registered hubs don't show up on my account. It indicates that I have two hubs but it only shows me one. At least it's narrowed down to something other than the charges per month.

I sure don't have an answer for this but all of a sudden I can see both my hubs. I did nothing but wait and suddenly they show up.


:wink: yeah, not so easy to reboot a remote when it doesn’t even show up on your account.

And now it is missing again. It is not listed as registered. How many hubs do you show on my account, @bobbyD ?

Just 5, all but one active.

So more hubawaiting.

Let's make the hubawaiting shorter. Please see my PM.

10/10/21 once more I can only see one of my registered hubs. My local hub does not show up.

This is a known issue with that is under investigation. A workaround is to reboot the hub from Settings. If you need to access the Remote Admin services, you can go to the Remote Admin Portal directly.

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