Remote Admin Not Working

@support_team I am having a similar issue as (

I have an active subscription for Remote Admin however the remote access is not available. My Hubitat is running I can access the hub via

However when I check the Registered hubs it does not show that I have an active subscription.

I have rebooted the device.


Tagging @support_team.

In the meanwhile, make sure that your hub's time is accurate (i.e. correct location, timezone, and time).

I have confirmed that the time settings are correct

Please send me a private message along with your email account and MAC address of your hub and we will further investigate.

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Hey @bobbyD

The support site is not allowing me to send you a PM.

Please join the "Owners" group at the link below:

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@aaiyar Thank you, I have joined the group

@bobbyD you should have that private message now.


Got it! Thank you. I don't see any issues with your service or subscription. Mind sharing a screenshot of your Registered Hubs page? The service is active and functional, or else you wouldn't be able to access the hub via The one time reboot may be needed if the service is not active on the hub, but that is not your case.


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Thank you. Interesting. There seems to be a problem with not reflecting the correct status of your subscription, however the service is working properly. Will need to further investigate this problem, but for now, please use

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Sounds good @bobbyd, let me know if need anything else from me.

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