Remember Logins on Android

Is there a way for the Android app not to keep asking the logins every time? Having to enter the username and password each time is a bit annoying.

It should not ask you each time (mine never has on any of my devices). You might try removing the app and reinstalling it.

I can't remember, does it ask to save password? Maybe at least log out and back in. I haven't had to log in for months now, it has saved the password for me.

No, it does not ask to save the password. It requires the login every time I open the app, not only in my phone, but also other Android devices, like my tablet and other phones I tested.
Does it maybe use the Android browser for this? Because I don't save passwords on my Android browsers. Maybe that could explain the issue?

The app has never asked me to sign in except the very 1st time (and it did not ask me, I had to ask it by clicking 'Existing Hub Owner'). When you log in it should ask to create a virtual device for the mobile device you are using. From then on your phone becomes a mobile presence sensor and HAS to be logged in all the time, or the app won't work right (no Geo-fencing, no notifications).

Did your phone get setup as a device in the HE devices list? Is that device updating properly?

I had an issue with my wife's phone. I had to delete the virtual device in HE, and remove.reinstall the app. What i did to fix it was......

Delete the phones virtual device from HE devices list. Delete the app entirely from her phone. Delete her account from the Hubitat portal (this may not apply). Create a new account in the portal (again may not apply). Reinstall the app. Log into the app as an "existing hub owner". When prompted create a new virtual device for the mobile phone. After that you should never be asked again, and the app should always run in the background (depending on phone YMMV).

The app should have nothing to do with browser setting to my knowledge. I do not have browsers save my password (I use lastpass). For troubleshooting you could try turning that feature on and report back if it does matter. My guess is they are independent, but would love verification on that.

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did you ever resolve this? my phone does same thing. you can't do normal things if you have to log in every time

That isn't normal behavior. And there doesn't seem to be others complaining about it, so I suspect it is something unique to your phone or hub.

Maybe start by telling us which hub you have, and what hub software version you are on.

Also, is this Android, or I-phone and what model?

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