Reliable ZWave Thermostat?

Anybody have any suggestions for a reliable ZWave thermostat? I've been using a Honeywell TH83202ZW and like it as a thermostat - it sets heat/cool temps separately and controls automatically within the range. I dont use the programming because I've got zwave. BUT, a few months after I installed it, it started losing connection to the Hub. I'm using the generic driver. I've tried about everything I can think of - no luck. Everytime I power down and reset the thermostat it will work for a few hours, then lose communications. So I'm ready to just try a new thermostat. Would be interested in any suggestions.

I have the Honeywell T6 Pro Z-wave thermostat. It has been fine for ~2 years. There's a built-in driver for it.

Zigbee t-stats tend to be more reliable.

I have 2 of these:

I second the T6 pro. I swapped out to this about a year ago. it has worked perfectly

Iโ€™ve got .. 6 Vivint Element CT-200 units in service (Z-Wave).

Theyโ€™re awesome, and are also very pretty. :slight_smile:

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If you want to go 700 series:

Our GoControl Z-wave stats have been fantastic. Reliable, fairly simple. They just work, every time, all the time.