Reliable RGBW Lightstrip contoller

So, I have a few 5050 RGBW light strips.

I saw some info about a Gledopto Zigbee controller, but I got one, and just using the RGBW generic driver does not work.

I jumped in and got a Zooz Zen31, and the Native driver kinda sucks (it makes a White child an RGB Child adapter) and when using these child adapters, its just wonky, like sometimes its not 100% bight , etc. The driver I found for it, seems not to work all that well cause it does not detect that its bee turned off.

I tried the Fibaro RGBW FGRGBW-442, and from what I can see it's a Zooz Zen31.

is there just a Zigbee or Zwave controller that just works well? I'm frustrated at this point.

I would even ego Wifi if there are local versions without hacking.

Mine is working

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I have two of these and they work great.

This is the model I'm using. No issues for two years with these.

Switch to Pixel LED Strips and use Pixelblaze as a controller.
You will be able to control even a single LED in a strip exactly
how you want it. Pixelblaze requires very simple programming
and this is a bit DIY but benefit is enormous.
There is a Pixelblaze HE driver.
It is WiFi but everything is 100% local.
Please search a forum for the Pixelblaze if you want to learn
more about this very nice toy.

I have both the GLEDOPTO controller (2 of them) working with the "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light". Do not use the Advanced one if that came up.

I also have the Zen31 (3 of them). While I find the children annoying... The white should be a "Generic Component Dimmer" not the RGB one. That would be the child for the color LEDs. But otherwise they work fine and are pretty reliable.

I run 5 RGBWW Gledopto controllers through my Hue hub. They are 95% compatible. Occasionally if I change their color through Hubitat. They don’t appear the same color in the Hue app. Other than that, they have been a customizable alternative to Hue strips. The ones I purchased on Amazon said they were Hue compatible. Benefit is that I don’t need a separate driver and they work with hue scenes and other apps.

I don't have a hue huh,and I want to avoid that, if i had to get a second hub I'd end up with Home Assistant, trying to avoid that too

got the GLEDOPTO controller, it works ok. Seems as there is a BUZZ with every other color then RED. but it;s the strips that were not buzzing on the Zooz or Fabro version. I have a 3A adapter, is that what you guys use, perhaps a 12v 6A adapter?

No buzzing here. Is the buzz coming from the 12v adapter itself?

no, it's comeing from the strips.. but the funny thing, when I hooked up the Zooz one to them , they did not..

but its not the power adapter or the GLED.... I am going to get a new one shipped and see if its just defective.

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More than likely it has a lower PWM frequency, hence will cause a buzzing of the power supply, though you might hear it in different places (especially true if you also have quite a long LED strip/ high load).

Easiest option which works well for me (with H801 RGB controllers) is to add a capacitor or two across the power rail (i.e. 12v and ground) that goes to the RGB controller. An electrolytic 1000-4000uF 16/25V capacitor would be great, if you can only find 1000uF then you can add a few in parallel.

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I think (?) I understand what you are saying here.. (Forgive my ignorance) could you point me to link to these? and , can you show me a pic by chance of how you install it.

again, forgive my ignorance here.

Depending on supplier preference these are on eBay and dirt cheap to test with, also available on Amazon and no doubt other good US based suppliers. I'd normally say spend a bit extra and get some good brand capacitors as they will last better but I don't know what websites to look on (perhaps Digikey or something)

For my lights I have about 5 of these connected in parallel near the RGB controllers (i.e. the negative pin of each capacitor connected to the ground/0V input to the controller, and the positive pins of capacitors connected to 12V input of the controller). That helps ensure that when you dim the lights you don't get a hum/buzz since the voltage is a bit more steady. If you have 24V light strip then you will need 50/63V capacitors rather than 25V ones. Don't have an easy photo to show you but a Google finds several people suggesting the same

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@eaton.blumenstein @snell If you are still using the ZEN31 I would love some more testers:

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Sure, I will give it a bit of a shot. I do not use mine too regularly (mostly for Halloween lighting controls) but I do have one in nearby as a light bar... so I will give it a check.

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