Reliability of ethernet port

Just wondering if you’re using the flat cable included with the hub, or a twisted pair cat 5E or better cable?

I personally never use flat cables. They will not cancel out crosstalk between the pairs. That could be related to your packet loss.

The issue ended up being with the auto-negotiate. It is a known issue with Asus and Netgear switches. I tried both the flat cable and a regular cat 5E before updating my hub to the latest firmware and contacting and they pushed out a fix to my hub. After the fix was pushed out, I rebooted the hub and the packet loss and slow loading is no longer an issue. As far as the flat cable, I had a similar thought except instead of crosstalk, I was suspecting induced voltages from the RF of my WiFi router. I looked at the cable and it is a Cat7 SSTP. It may appear flat, but according to the jacket, each pair is shielded and twisted, so there should be no issue with crosstalk there. Good thought though SmartHomePrimer.

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Thanks @Bozzy333! Do you know the fix that works for you will be included for next release?

It may not be, but you can ping me in the PM if your web interface is super slow and you use Netgear or Asus network equipment. Please note that this problem only affects C-5 hubs. If you have a C-4 hub, the problem is less likely related to the network equipment.

I've noticed a slowness on one of my two hubs, the coordinator which has all wifi/cloud/lan/virtual devices on it, this is noticed if the UI browser is left open for extended periods of time. Currently this is corrected by opening a new UI browser page and closing the old one. I do not notice this on the zigbee/zwave hub when left open for extended periods of time

I use both an Asus router RT-AX88U (main) and a Netgear router R9000 Nighthaxk X10 (Access point) the Netgear is what both of my hubs are connected to.

Hey Bobby, new hub owner here. I'm having some packet loss (12-15%) on my hub going into the Netgear Nighthawk router. Did you have a way to fix it remotely or is there something I need to do on my end?

Quoting an earlier response from @bobbyD to another user -

concerned the C5 is defective

Hi there, thank you for reaching out. Both Asus and Netgear network devices are known to have issues negotiating the link on the Ethernet port of C-5 hubs. There is a fix that is deployed automatically within 24 hours after the hub is first connected. If you'd like to speed up the process, you could access the following path from your local network to make the configuration change, now:


Please replace YourHubIP with actual IP address of your hub.



Thanks Eric! I hit that URL and everything works great now.


Please make sure to reboot your hub if you didn't do so already (Settings >> Reboot Hub)

Happy New Year!

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Someone had posted this , but I'm unable to locate. Seeing many errors on the dedicated port for my C5 hub. My C4 is fine. C5 is my dev hub and has only 4 devices and 1 simple lighting rule. And lanautoconfig is enabled