[Released] Rule Machine 3.0


Look at the Restrictions at the bottom of the rule. You can disable the rule with a switch, that could be your virtual switch.


Sweet!!! You guys hiring?


II did have one follow-up question to this rule. I can’t seem to find the option that would allow me to cancel the Actions should the state of the rule go from false back to true


That's because Cancel on Truth Change only applies to Rules, not to Triggered Rules.

You don't need a Triggered Rule for this. It's going to be evaluated on every change to that sensor if it's just a Rule. Rules are evaluated for every event that touches one of its conditions.

Or maybe you do, I can't tell. As a rule it would also be evaluated anytime any of those lights turn on or off. But, presumably you have that covered in the rule evaluation itself.

Like I said before, it's over my head...


Thanks! I will try this. The goal will be to pass that virtual switch through homebridge so my wife can trip it. She called me at work 5 minutes before the housecleaner arrived to ask me how to stop the door from locking while they are there. I had to think fast so I edited the rule to be 3hrs, 5min for the time being :wink:


Just out of curiosity, would I be better off avoiding the motion and simple lighting apps if I'm using Rule Machine heavily? I'm not aware what load adding those apps add to the box and I'm really just being lazy on like 3 things.


It doesn't matter what combination of apps you use from a "load" perspective. Every time an event happens the app instance is loaded to run. So having various apps doesn't add to the load. Both Motion Lighting and Simple Lighting are smaller that RM.


How do I stop this condition as the action seems to be repeating. I thought inserting STOP ON TRUTH CHANGE WOULD DO IT, but I still see ‘Repeating’ in the status of the rule.


This is known UI bug and has been corrected in next build, as long and it's just showing it and not actually repeating?


Yes. Showing and not relating. Thanks for the clarification.


As @BorrisTheCat said, this is fixed in the upcoming 2.1.0 release.


Hey @bravenel, I'm trying to setup a couple rules for my kids rooms. I'm using the "Adjust Dimmer" feature and its not working, neither adjusting up or down. Just wondering if theres a problem with this RM release and "adjust". Thx


I'm not seeing any problems with it. Show the rule that doesn't work as expected.


Just trying this as a test now. This is using a caseta dimmer, i also tried on a hue bulb and I get the same results. I started with the dimmer above 30 and then set to 20 so the rule would become true. Thx


A rule only does something when truth changes. So your rule won't do what you want, I don't think. What is it that you want to have happen? Maybe try a Trigger instead of a Rule, with something you can do more than once to trigger it. Enable Logging, look at the logs.


This is what I'm trying to accomplish.

Here's the error it throws.

Also tried this trigger as a test and I get the same error in the logs.



Not sure what that's from. Wait for next release, coming soon. I believe it's fixed.


Ok sounds good. Thx for your time!


@bravenel with all the awesome updates in 3.0, have you considered allowing parameters to be set/passed to the custom command via rule versus hard coded in the custom command itself? I have a driver function that accepts an integer type input and am having to create duplicate custom commands for the multiple values and it would be nice if I could just pass that parameter from the rule itself.


There is Custom Action, that allow just this. You can set parameters from Global Variables. A Custom Action is created right in the rule, not in advance like Custom Commands.