[RELEASE] Zigbee eWeLink-CMARS-Seedan Outlet Driver

This driver is a modified version of a previous driver written by Markus Liljergren (of 'OhLa Labs' fame (see https://oh-lalabs.com/ ). It is now in my repository.json and has an HPM compatible packageManifest.json and I expect to see it picked-up by HPM (Hubitat Package Manager) shortly.

My version of Markus' driver has been modified in the following ways:

  • The driver Presence capability was taken off so as to keep my devices from being offered on Rules with Presence detectors being presented. Presence as it pertains to polling a refresh is still functional.
  • Toggle and Flash commands were added. Toggle to allow the ability to use toggle programmatically and Flash to help locate and ID a device.
  • Added AutoOff capability - helpful with outlet is used with relays etc. Logging system with make entry whenever autoOff is fired.
  • Most importantly, to me anyway, is the addition of the fingerprint for eWeLink Outlets.

I found the outlets cheap on Amazon, and later needing more, I found a similar looking device but with the name changed to CMARS, then again later, the same thing with Outlets from Seedan. All ID themselves as 'eWeLink' as the manufacturer - so you can be confident this driver will function for your devices.

I reached out to the original developer initially to learn he was glad his work was still impacting others and being useful. He NO LONGER supports the drivers. Any issues with this driver, please communicate with me! He was comfortable with me using his driver in this manner (as you can see on the link below to his comment).
I have done my best to attribute his great code - in the README.md, the groovy driver comments, this thread, and anywhere else I can think of.
Please note that this driver is a GENERIC OUTLET driver - and as such can be used on more than just the aforementioned Outlets! As a matter of fact, Markus originally had added about 8 Outlet fingerprints prior to his moving on. I have simply added another fingerprint for the devices I use so as to simplify and enhance the driver for my needs.

I would like to describe that originally I used the Hubitat provided generic outlet driver. However, since there were sometimes days passing by before I'd trigger or toggle these outlets they would get picked up by Watchdog as having left the building (okay. not so dramatic - they just hadn't been heard from!) I reached out to the community and received an explanation that my device had a refresh problem. That is when I went looking for a new driver in hope. And I found that Markus' driver had indeed spoken to this issue by polling the device for Presence. This did solve my initial problem. However, I then I stumbled over having 14 Outlets showing as Presence sensors :).

My ask for guidance on how to appropriately 'fork'.

His answer

The original source discussion I began with

The original github link


Finally my version of the driver is HERE.

Thanks. I have 4 eWeLink in use and 2 more in storage. I just updated the drivers and if any issue I will let you know.

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I truly hope it works perfectly for you forever!
I have already found a problem. During install via HPM I pointed at an HTML page for the license file - that in turn showed up badly in HPM. I've resolved it but it may take time to catch up.
Additionally, HPM was picking up a commented line and overriding my version. That has also been resolved. If necessary, and so you pick up any updates automatically you may wish to 'repair' the driver in HPM to pickup my non-version changing fixes.

I did the driver install manually but will get it added into HPM for your updates.

I thought HPM no longer works? something about way too many packages for it to keep track of.

Nevermind, it was "package explorer"

HPM works just fine.

Not sure how well this is findable - I made a recent update to add Toggle and Flash functions - today was the addition of an autoOff and some minor additions of logging.

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