[RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

@bcopeland knows how to extract the drivers from the Aeotec executable.

@Root @dJOS If you have the .exe of the firmware you need you can follow this post to extract the .hex.


Possible to find via the Wayback Machine?

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Thank you for that, I went looking for this but had never found the detailed version you linked to.


One of the firmware files I found by viewing an older commit at GitHub and compared it to what I extracted using the posted guide, verifying what I extracted matched. While on macOS I was having more difficulty ascertaining equivalent steps. I ultimately found success by just using a computer with Windows 10 and HxD Hex Editor. At some point I'd like to go through a few different hex editors on macOS to find which may offer an identical export option as it was the HxD export options I was having a harder time finding direct equivalents for via macOS counterparts.


Looking for some help with a Leviton DZ6HD. I've read through this thread and I'm not sure if I'm missing something but here's where I'm stuck.

Having turned on debug mode, and using the RAW github url for the 1.20 firmware version this is what I get in the logs:

dev:12022-05-14 11:53:53.996 am infoVersionReport- applicationVersion:0.7
dev:12022-05-14 11:53:53.988 am infoVersionReport- zWaveProtocolVersion:3.52
dev:12022-05-14 11:53:53.958 am debugparse:zw device: 02, command: 8612, payload: 03 03 34 00 07 , isMulticast: false
dev:12022-05-14 11:53:53.870 am infoFirmwareUpdateMd version:0
dev:12022-05-14 11:53:53.731 am debugparse:zw device: 02, command: 8614, payload: 7A 00 , isMulticast: false

The Application downloads the firmware and then just reports

Please wake up your sleep device

This isn't a sleepy device and I'm not seeing any error messages. My Hub is a C5 and the device is reporting firmware version 0.7 which seems pretty old if that's even accurate.

I'm not sure where to proceed from here. Without any errors. I've tried air gap the switch right before the update or during the firmware download with no change to the results.

Anyone have recommended next steps? Do I need to look at either a C7 device or a USB stick? Is it possible this switch is to old to update at all?

You may want a usb stick and the silabs simplicity studio. Run exclude on hubitat for the switch, Pair the switch to the stick then update the firmware to that and then exclude from the stick and re pair to hubitat. I have found that is the easiest solution and it goes much faster.

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Download the Hubitat app