[Release] Yamaha Network Receivers Basic Integration



Thanks Codahq for your kind reply and for the suggestion. I will work and update you soon.

Thanks again


Is there a way to save a scene with a predetermined input? In other words, if I want the tuner to come on, I would like to capture a scene with that input enabled and the volume preset. I have created scenes with the driver but the input doesn't seem to capture or have an option to. Hope this is possible because it would sure be nice to change inputs with voice commands. "Alexa, turn on Roku" would be super slick if I was on the couch watching cable. Or am I going about this all wrong?


Hubitat doesn't have an OOB attribute for input yet.


Even if they did their scene may not capture it. What I do instead is create a virtual switch and then trigger a rule to run from that.

For example:

Then my rule looks like this:

In words, when the virtual switch turns on the main zone on the Theater Yamaha turns on (along with the projector). After 2 seconds the source is switched to source1. You can configure the sources in the driver. There are six commands for sources. Once those are configured you can use Rule Machine's custom action to call any custom command on a driver.

I think that might be the best way to do it for now.


Will give it a try! Thank you!


In need of some guidance regarding Rule Machine 4 and setting up inputs via a virtual switch. I kind of understand what @codahq is saying above, but was hoping someone has done this in version 4 and can walk me through it.

I have created a virtual switch called Movie Box. I have an android tv device and want to be able to have Alexa switch to that input on the Yamaha.

Set up a new rule called "Switch Yamaha to Movie Box"

Set trigger to Switches and assigned it to the virtual switch "Movie Box" and Switch Turns to "on". At this point, I believe I am done with triggers?

So next, RM4 wants to know what action to run. And I have no idea which action to select. So this is where I feel stupid.... I have no idea what to do next.


Under selecting actions for your rule you should see this list:


Choose "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action"

Then it narrows the choice down to 3 choices (4 if you count the one you can't choose).

Choose "Run Custom Action"

For the capability of the device choose any of the capabilities that the driver supports. I usually support actuator because most devices support it and it's generic and it's easier than finding anything else.

Once you choose actuator you should be able to see the yamaha devices. Pick one and then the custom commands show up. Pick one of the source commands.

Using RM4 to set Stereo Input

Works perfect! Thank you very much. Seems so simple now. I did have to add an action to turn the switch off after 10 seconds. (I now see I can do that in the virtual switch device too). It wasn't working initially and then I figured out the switch had to start from the off position.

Alexa.... turn on Movie Box. Works great. Thank you very much. Now on to the Tuner, Cable Box, etc... rinse and repeat...


Please note you can use the same rule and virtual switch like a scene for multiple actions. In my rule I control the receiver and projector.


Gnant: could you please share the setup? I would like to see as example. Thanks


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Do you mind to post screen shot as example? When I chose volumeup, what parameter do I need to type?