[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers



Was looking at the Alliexpress ad for those, and it says “for Xiaomi” instead of “from Xiaomi Ecosystem”. Wonder if this is a translation error. Maybe they meant that they are compatible with the Xiaomi hub? That would be fine with me. We will know in about a month when I receive mine.


From the reviews section on this Ali Express page:

Seems not to work with zigbee 3.0

it's NOT Zigbee Protocol! It doesn't work with a CC2531 stick which can pair EVERY Zigbee device! Seller doesn't help at all; just saying it works with the Konke Hub!

From a Deconz thread about trying to add support for the sensor, this post:

Yea, to be honest the sensor is quite bad. Slow reaction. And no “no motion” trigger.

Also a small fov. I hoped it would be like 160 degrees or so.

However the Ali Express seller does state this:

Support:tuya , Philip HUE ,CC2531 etc, all ZigBee 3.0 device & HUB。if cannot connect We will refund the money.

Honestly, it doesn't sound like the device is worth trying to make a Hubitat driver.

Nevertheless, @SmartHomePrimer, since you've decided to keep your order, I'd be curious to hear as to whether it works acceptably with your Aqara Gateway.

As best I can tell, the company is completely different: Hangzhou Konke Information Technology Co., Ltd. They are listed as an "Adopter Member" on the Zigbee Alliance site; however, they have no products listed as ZigBee Certified.


:joy: Totally want to cancel now, but I will proceed, otherwise we’ll never know. I could not find any posts about anyone trying them or actually using them with an Aqara or Mijia gateways.

@bertabcd1234, would you say the reaction time is slow? Because that I’m not interested in, even if they did work 100% with the Xiaomi gateway.


Having followed this thread for some time and reading people's comments I was just after some advice. So I want to get contact sensors that'll work with hubitat. I used the Xiaomi Aqara one which as mentioned previously, worked fine for a month and then stopped working. I haven't got any repeaters in use so it was connected directly to the hub and isn't too far from the hub.

Are there any alternatives? Though xiaomi devices are cheap, they're not always cheerful and without the ability of linking the Xiaomi gateway to hubitat (not an iOS user here) what alternatives are there that I could use?


I don't think I noticed slowness when I was trying to write a driver, but I'm using it outside now so can't speak to how it behaves in real life (that's where I don't care if slow things go, Monoprice sensor...).

I see the quote above says it should work with Hue. I never tried that, not that it would do me much good on Hubitat, but maybe someone could figure out how "inactive" works if it works properly there.


Nearly any Z-Wave or Zigbee contact sensor would work, but to be safe, stick to those from the supported devices page (or search the Community if you find one you like otherwise). You have a lot of options. If you want a lot and for not much money (maybe that's why you went with Xiaomi), one seller currently has a lot of 10 used Iris v2 sensors on eBay: Lot of 10 Iris 3320-L Zigbee Door & Window Contact Sensor | eBay. However, they come without magnets (you could probably re-use the Xiaomi one if it lines up well enough and is strong enough--anyone tried?). This seller or others also has Iris v1 sensors, which do work with Hubitat now, but people seem to have mixed luck with those. But again, you have a lot of options--used or new.


Visonic mct-340 are usually cheap new, or on eBay. And fully supported.


Yep. Only $20 if you're in the US. Not too bad. Unfortunately, they're $60 if you're in Canada! :roll_eyes: The Samsung SmartThings and AduroSmart ERIA are also just $20 each.