[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers



Just out of curiosity, when the next generation of Xiaomi sensors come out (reputed to be Zigbee 3.0 compliant), does that mean that we'll be able to use all Zigbee outlets as repeaters for them?


If they implement the zigbee protocol as strictly as it should. Yes.

But if they do a implementation "of there own". It probably won't.


One more question.
After I get all m


cheers @veeceeoh for straightening out my wonky perception.


Well, Xiaomi are not Z-Wave, and they’re not fully Zigbee either :wink:

No one (Other than maybe an engineer at Shenzhen Green Rice Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd) knows this. We will have to get them in our hands.


I have a question too.

What was your question? :rofl:


will be reporting back in 2 weeks to confirm if removing my nue zigbee dimmers (3a) from my zigbee mesh fixes my slow/dropping xiaomi motion sensors.
i really hope it works!


My apologies for not getting it out.
If I get my zigbee mesh working, can I then add some older Zigbee repeaters? That is, once in place, will a device change it's zigbee route? Or, once it's in place, that's it.
Obviously, I want to know if I can add back some of those outlets, or is it only Xiaomi (and friendly).


Zigbee will change routes frequently. You have to either give up Xiaomi, or give up on those repeaters.

I’d give the repeaters the boot personally, and head to IKEA for some more TRÅDFRI outlets and meatballs (didn’t think I’d be writing that twice in one evening). Then I’d order even more Xiaomi :crazy_face:


Once determined, I can add your report to my list of repeaters that do / don't work with Xiaomi / Aqara devices over in my other thread, Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected.

Just to clarify, is this the Nue Dimmer Switch that you have?

If yes, I also wonder if it possible to link / integrate the Nue ZigBee Bridge with a Hubitat Hub so that any Nue devices could be connected the the Nue Bridge to isolate them away from Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

As @SmartHomePrimer explained, ZigBee devices are free to change their network route as needed, so there's no guarantee a Xiaomi / Aqara device won't spontaneously decide to connect to an "unfriendly" repeater.

That said, some people have managed to keep their "unfriendly" repeaters far away enough from their Xiaomi / Aqara devices that they manage to coexist peacefully. I think it's just hit or mess / dumb luck, however.


Ha would love to but they don't sell the repeaters here in Australia I don't think. They do have the lights.

I am disconnecting the nue switches tho. Will sell them away.


Hmm, that brand of outlets were said to work. I swear, we need an Australian Zigbee repeater section on this forum to help you guys, or for IKEA to get off their bums and certify the Trådfri Outlets for you.

Take a look further up in that thread too. There are some other type that are said by several to work as well, plus they are inexpensive and relatively easy to get in Australia. You just need to add a cord to them to they can route the Xiaomi devices for you. Don't actually have to use them as a switch.


I can confirm the Nue switches are excellent Xiaomi repeaters as I haven't had any of mine drop off. btw, Hubitat release 2.14 should contain official support for Nue switches (see below).


I can confirm I have the Xiaomi's operating without issue through the Nue 1, 2, 3gang switches including the 2gang power point GPO following so it's worth adding them to your supported list.

Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

Not questioning your observations, but do you by chance have a confirmed mapping Via an Xbee?


hey - what year were your nue single gang dimmers purchased? mine are 2017 so the first model. they stay connected to the zigbee mesh but they lock up (unresponsive physical buttons).


i have swannone smartplugs that i got for cheap as no one in aus was buying them. they work great as repeaters. I'm also getting some zigbe in wall switches for my fans in bathrooms. No more nue for me. I'm sure the newer models might be better but the 2017 ones are unreliable


Thanks! I have added them, but it's a little unclear from the eBay pages and A3's website whether all of those switches are on/off only or dimmer switches. Are the ones you're using dimmer switches?

But whether they are good as repeaters for Xiaomi / Aqara devices is unknown, right?

So there are different revisions? I noticed some of 3A's ZigBee products claim ZigBee 3.0 certification, which so far in general seems to mean they will play well with Xiaomi / Aqara devices.


yeah they don't sell the ones i have any more i dont think there seem to be two versions. 2017 versions and the current models. the current ones if they are 3.0 should play nice you'd hope

i never had issues with my zigbee network on smartthings however. (rarely). Swannone are zigbee 1.2 so they should repeat well but who knows.


Is a XCTU mapping from Xbee the only way to tell if the repeaters are working?
Would not the Zigbee routing page (http://ip address/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo) work as well?