[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers



It will be interesting to see how the VOC works out.

I've been working with the Bosch BME680 (which includes a VOC element). The VOC sensor is apparently not a stable device. The Bosch sensor uses a proprietary "self calibration" algorithm. With this there is still plenty of drift.

I've become disillusioned with VOC sensors (I've tried the AMS sensor with similar results). So for now I'm going to rely on my nose (which doesn't need a special display).


I also bought nest protect and nest cameras before HE and trying to keep things local and off the cloud.
Initially they worked well until that last nest cloud outage which wiped out my nest account and I had to create a new account with a modified email and nest support was useless. Then I could not join one of nest protect smoke detectors again nest support was useless told to go buy a new one since it was 2 months past my warranty. It still functions without connecting just does not report in the app.
Googled online appears to have happened to others as well.
Then I go out of town on vacation and they update again now my nest cameras go offline.
I can remote to my home computer and see my wifi is fine. Luckly the nest cameras are only for a secondary interior security.
I will never buy nest again.

Hopefully these new Aqara smoke detectors are CSA approved for insurance reasons.
Or maybe ikea will carry a certified version of them.
I will likely grab 2 to test in my basement bedrooms


True. There's a lot of mystery surrounding the plans for their hub. But they've introduced a beta of local control, so depending on how open their API is will tell what's possible. I have Ecobee (You should be buying Canadian eh? :canada:), and Wyze for the cameras. Really all I want from a smoke and CO detector is for it to work and not give false alarms. :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

The fact that it can notify me and turn on my lights, and light my way at night, and not over react to steam, and not make me change the batteries every year, can turn off your nest thermostats without wifi working, and sends me reports, and tests itself !!!

These things alone are incredible. But then it also gives you a little green wink before you go to bed :wink:. Interconnects without wires (very important for me in house built in 1926), and it's excellent industrial design, comes with amazing screws, nice packaging, and they cost $150 CAD before tax. My only complaint.

I have an Aqara natural gas detector on order, That post of the house exploding was a call to action for me. The Aqara Hub HomeKit edition I bought is ETL Intertek certified, even though it came with a Chinese plug and an adapter. So I'm sure the Gas, and the smoke/CO detectors are as well. Have you read anything about false alarm rates being an issue with the smoke/CO? I could use a few extra and don't need that many nests at such a high price. Do the Aqara smoke/CO detectors interconnect with themselves? Haven't researched them at all.


Actually I did upgrade my thermastst from a nest to the ecobee4. I wanted the alexa feature and was having issues with balancing heat/cooling but still have those issues with my ecobee so something I am doing wrong. I just havent made it a priority. It may have to do with the rapid tempetature changes we get here.

No I haven't found anything on if they network or false alarm. Going to try 2 to start and see how they go.
The nests are working fine will wait until they expire to replace them.


If we can get the smoke detectors to pair to HE hub then they can network that way.
Good idea will have to add 1-2 Aqara natural gas detector to my list.
I put the offline nest in my garage.


The currently available models do not, unfortunately. They are independent, and the "smart" aspect is basically just remote notification through the gateway hub. There's no way that I've read of to send commands to force the sounding of the alarm of either the smoke / gas detector.


After you write a device handler for the Aqara natural gas detector, let us know.
I'll throw out the Heiman that I purchased, and get the Aqara.


It would be @veeceeoh saving our hides with that one. What Is the matter with the Heiman?


We don't have a good device handler for the Heiman.
Perhaps, @mike.maxwell will consent to writing a native one in Hubitat. (always the preferred approach)
I believe that there is enough of a demand for that particular device.


How to pair leak sensor?


Same. Hold the pair button (press on the top of the sensor) for six seconds until it flashes three times. Pause for 2-3 seconds and short-press the top of the sensors. Repeat ever three seconds and at some point it should appear in the Zigbee paring the window showing “Initializing”. Keep short-pressing the sensor top every 2-3 seconds until you see the option to save the device pairing in the Zigbee discovery window. Then stop clicking and save the device.


nope.... tried hundred times and nothing


Hello all,
First post, yay!
Coming from ST forum seeing many familiar names here.

Just ordered the HE hub and while waiting just a short question.
How do you experience reliability with these Xiaomi devices compared to ST?
I have around 30 of these and since I have been building my mesh with Trådfri bulbs and outlets I don’t have much issues anymore on ST. Just the occasional drop-offs.
Will HE be comparable?



I used the outlets exclusively (5 Tradfri in 2000 sq ft), and I've had zero drop-offs in 2 months.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat - I moved here a few months ago. Love it!


As long as all zigbee repeating devices are compatible, the Xiaomi devices will be reliable. The HE hub itself is fine with Xiaomi devices.


Sounds good!

I discovered that reliability for a big part comes from a strong mesh. The Trådfri devices have been very solid and ST has been quite reliable.
I remember the first Xiaomi devices not sticking because of the 50/60 minute check-ins, which eventually was solved, and then ST re-introduced the issue with a firmware update (following Zigbee specs).


100 eh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have two of them. They gave me a hard time, but within 3-4 attempts, I was able to get them to pair. But 100, well that is something.

Try removing the battery for 10 seconds. Reinsert then hold the pairing button for 10 seconds. Release, and wait for 10 before attempting the pairing again as described above.

If you have no compatible Xiaomi repeaters, such as the TRÅDFRI outlet or TRÅDFRI repeater, then you will have to be near the hub and the final installation distance will be limited to between 20-30 feet.

You should add compatible repeaters if you don’t have them already. It will keep the Xiaomi devices stable on HE. Otherwise they will drop off from time to time. This is not what you want from a leak sensor obviously.


Welcome to the Hubitat Community. Some say they have good luck with Xiaomi bulbs as repeaters, but in general this is not a good idea. Zigbee bulbs that repeate tend to do so nicely for other bulbs of the same or similar compatibly, but for devices, they tend to drop packets so frequently that the mesh becomes unstable and devices drop off, especially the not fully compliant Xiaomi.

However, I’ll echo @aaiyar in stating the TRÅDFRI outlets and repeater, both Zigbee 3.0 and compatible with Xiaomi (confirmed by many with a Network map via Xbee, myself included). I have zero drops with two TRÅDFRI outlets and a dedicated TRÅDFRI repeater in a 1200 sq ft home. One repeater per floor.

Many of us (me too) have all Zigbee lightbulbs on a Hue bridge so the bulbs have their own Zigbee network and cannot interfere with the non-bulb devices. Or we have Sengled bulbs on the main hub, as they are the only Zigbee bulbs that don’t try to repeat the signal, and so are fine to have paired together on the same hub with other devices.

Others have the bulbs on a separate HE hub and use the HE Link to Hub app, or one of the community integrations to link the two hubs. Great discount on the HE hub. Ends today though, so if you decide to go that route, order before the day is out.



I have been using the bulbs in nu setup for awhile without any hiccups or dropped messages.

Keeps fingers crossed


[BETA] v0.1b of Xiaomi MiJia Honeywell Gas Detector device driver for Hubitat

This driver has since been updated; please see this post for the latest version.

4 Types of Gas Detector - Zigbee