[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee device drivers



Just wondering, has anyone had experience with Hue lightstrip and hue lights being a successful repeater if connected to Hue bridge? I have a few of these scattered around the house (and a hue floodlight in the garden) and have 2 Xiaomi motion sensors on their way.


No. Opposite actually. Keep the Hue lights on their own network with a Hue Bridge. Hue lights are great for other Hue lights, but lousy repeaters for everything else.



I assume that (splitting the repeater from the outlet) would be the same for the US version?? If so, it should definitely be easier for me to get my hands on a US one.


Yes, they work the same way.


I am going to put in an order (in the US) and will have them shipped to my address in Texas. I'll have my mate open them and possibly/probably remove the US adapter, and then ship them to me.

If anyone else wanted some, PM me and I can add yours to my order. I would sell them as 2nd hand (no support), at cost. That price would consist of the $11.99 USD + sales tax (if applied) + US shipping + shipping down here, converted to AUD, plus shipping in AU (if required - I am Brissie).

Per order that someone else may want, I am guessing the Shipping to TX will add max $5, shipping to AU might add $20-$30??, US->AU conversion will add about 42% The shipping cost from US to AU is the biggest factor, but assuming the estimates above, 4 signal repeaters would probably end up costing about $110-$120 AUD, not counting shipping within AU. So if anyone is interested, let me know ASAP as I will probably order this time tomorrow.


If you’re going to go through that trouble, why not get a high power Xbee shipped to you?


I had a quick look yesterday, they are a maker option aren't they? If so, unfortunately I don't have any skills/knowledge for that option.


Technically yes, but it’s really simple. You order the XBee and adapter. you screw the antenna on and follow the examples here of how to set the program and you’re done.

Everybody who tries it, myself included are anxious about the process and then shocked at how simple it was.


Don't suppose you have a link handy for where you got yours?


I got the Xbee from Mouser, and I got the board from Digikey. Long story. Had to do with availability and my impatience around the situation. My antenna came from an old TP link router

The settings for PC are in the Everything Xbee thread, and I posted the settings for Mac.


Here's the waveshare board that a lot of people are using for $22 AUD


Here's an XBee Pro for $43 AUD with the antenna already installed.


They're available from DigiKey Australia too. These are the exact Xbee and daughter card I have.

Here's the Pro model. You might only need one with this because the power output is strong, but that depends on the layout of your home and where your devices are.

This is a far better value than importing IKEA repeaters. A lot more powerful and you'll be able to map your Zigbee network.

Here are the settings for Windows

Here are the settings for Mac

You just download XCTU, put in the values, press program and it's ready to go.
LInks for downloading and instructions are in the first post. You'll actually feel kind of silly for worrying about the process so much when you finally do it yourself. Writing your first RM rule is seriously more complicated than this.


:laughing: Did you guys even look?





Thanks @SmartHomePrimer, I think I am missing something. Again, excuse my ignorance here, I have zero experience with this :slight_smile:. I assume the transceiver plugs/clips/slides into the board - how does it get power?

Also, I understand that the power is greater with the xbee, and will have the ability to map my zigbee network, but the on the price side, with just the parts listed above, it looks like each one would cost a little over $60, compared to about $25-$30 for each of the ikea modules. I am sure I must be missing something.


The Xbee has pins in the bottom of it (or at least the one you’ll need does) and it simply plugs into the card. Assembly takes 2 seconds. It gets power from a Micro USB cable, like you use for an Android phone. Therefore a computer or a phone charger with a Micro USB connection can power it.

Yes, depending on which USB daughter card you get, the [Waveshare](Waveshare XBee USB Adapter USB Communication Board with Xbee Interface Supports XBee Connectivity: Motherboards: Amazon.com.au 2) or the DIgi) it's roughly $60 AUD for the 8bBm power output version like I have, or around $78 AUD for the Pro with 19bBm power output. Compared with the IKEA that will cost you somewhere around $30 AUD (assuming you're not charged duty) and are just 5 dBm (depending on which information you read).

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the IKEA Outlets as repeaters for the Xiaomi. They're working great for me. So I'm sure the repeaters do an equally good job. However, the real benefit in Canada is the outlets are just $15 CAD and the repeaters are just $10 CAD. I have two IKEA stores with a 30 minute drive. It's a no-brainer decision. However, I also don't live in a big house, and my walls are not constructed of concrete blocks.

If you're concerned it won't be the right choice for you, I'm wondering about Amazon's return policy in Australia. It's a bit more difficult to return items from a third-party seller here, but I've never been refused, and even when I could no longer reach the seller, Amazon always refunded my money and there was no charge for return shipping as always. So couldn't you buy the board and Xbee from Amazon, and if it's not right for you, send it back?


I’m going to hold off for now, as good as both offers are.
I just don’t have the need for extra sensors right now having just picked up 4 x Zipato 3 in 1’s.


Thanks for the explanation. I couldn't see from the picture that there was a Micro USB connector.

What sort of range would be expected from the Pro, and how many devices can link through it? I am wondering if the Pro ended up being near my centrally-located hub, could I link my devices to it. Would it have a stronger signal (further reach) than the hub?

The link you shared earlier is for the board, don't suppose you have the correct link for the one you meant to link to?


Can't recall. It's miles I think. The Everything Xbee thread has all the info you need and if you can't find it, no one here knows more about them than @NoWon. I know it's long, but if you just go to the thread, and then go to the Edit menu of your browser, you can use Find and enter keywords for things you're looking for like "range". Makes it a lot faster to find info you need.

Oops. Sorry about that. I've update my post, but here is it too.



Thanks for all of your help on this.


@saxnix have a look at post 208 on Everything XBee. Is a great post on how to determine the exact device you want and where to get it from.
I personally found the dev board cheaper on amazon UK (at £10) but being as the sites add on £13 delivery if you spend under £30 ($50 USD as I recall?) it pays to get it all in one place. I’ve gone for the series 3 pro with antenna on pcb. Can’t wait to get it all through :grinning:


Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I ended up ordering 2 of these boards, and 2 of these Series 2 Pro modules. Will have to wait up to 4 weeks for arrival, but so be it.