[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers



Apparently I didn't paste in the updated code when I merged the update on GitHub. Let's try that again...

[BETA] v0.7.2b of Aqara Vibration Sensor Device Driver

The updated beta device driver code can be found here .

This update applies the fixes that should have happened in v0.7.1b.


Thanks, that's sorted it .... works well .... you can definitely see the need for the margin of error setting, although I think it seems pretty accurate.

It's cold outside so I didn't have much time to test much, but what's the logic on a state change from open to close and vice-versa?

Is it a case of once it's moved out of the closed positioning (plus the margin of error) it's considered open (and the state changes)? Or does it actually need to move into the open positioning before the state changes to open?



Anything outside the open / close position will report in the log as "Calculated position is unknown" with a contact unknown event. Unfortunately, unknown isn't a recognized state for the contact capability.

While contact does not recognize an unknown state, the garage door or window shade capabilities do, but I decided not to use either of them because then the vibration sensor would be listed in apps as a door / shade device that can be controlled. I worry that this will just generate confusion for users.

Also, keep in mind that the accelerometer reports that are used to calculate the sensor's position are only sent when it stops moving.


Thanks, that makes sense.


Got a new vibration sensor in today. Went and grabbed the latest code (Version 0.7.2b). It was found and installed right up automatically using this driver. But I'm getting errors in the log.

  • endpointId: 01
  • application:
  • model: lumi.vibration.aq1
  • manufacturer:


I see some major problems with the value data being received from the sensor.

What version of the hub firmware are you using?


I'm in the Beta program so I'm not at liberty to say the version. :sunglasses:

Hopefully you are part of the beta too?

I can say that I haven't seen any posts about any zigbee problems though.


There are a few issues with the temp sensor too but one sure @veeceeoh knows about it by now.


Really? My 10 temp sensors are all working great.


My 2 temp sensors are working fine.



Hubitat staff have informed me that in the next firmware update, there will be a significant change in the way that the raw payload data of messages from ZigBee devices is parsed. The change was necessary in order to address an issue affecting certain kinds of messages (specifically with variable length data types.)

For the vast majority of device drivers, this upcoming change won't require any updates to the device driver code, because for messages following normal ZigBee standards, helper methods are available to convert the raw payload data into a format that can be easily used to generate device events.

Unfortunately, the entire collection of Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers that I am maintaining all have at least one function that relies on non-standard messages. This means I need to examine how the firmware change affects incoming message data, make necessary changes to the code, and then test it with my devices on my hub.

Although I could start making changes to the code of all of the device drivers before the firmware is released, I can't verify 100% that any of it will work until I've got it the new firmware running on my own hub, and I am not part of the beta testing program.

In addition, I am about to leave town until this weekend, so the soonest I can do anything would be the middle of next week. This is because maintaining this collection of device drivers is not my paid job and I work on these for free, in my spare time, when I am able to.

So if the next firmware is released before I am able to start making changes (which is likely), all I can do is ask for your patience. Please understand that upgrading to the new firmware will likely result in a complete loss of most, if not all, functionality of any Xiaomi / Aqara devices, until I am able to update the device drivers.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and again ask for your patience. Many thanks.

EDIT: All of my Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers have been updated with a compatibility fix for hub v2.0.5 or newer. Please see this post for details.

[RELEASE] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor
Hub Update 2.0.5

Thanks, in other words, do not update until new drivers are released or if you do, you will have the consequences.


Thank you for even committing to that much! Very much appreciated, I will be waiting patiently before I update since my hub is working flawlessly anyway.


Kieth, if I can help let me know.


I'm not going to tell people whether to update to the new firmware when it is released. But I had to inform everybody in all fairness. The timing was just unfortunate in that I am completely unable to get a leg up on making the needed changes to all the drivers' code.

Will do, but I will basically be incommunicado from now until Sunday.

Good luck everybody! :grin:


Yeap, probably I will be the first to update then I will come here to complain, lol

I still don't have my bunch of sensor, just 2 temp sensors, but I have a hub exclusively for Xiaomi so I can update the hub without Xiaomi and not the other one. I hope it works haha.


You have nothing to apologise for. The very fact you do this for all us Xiaomi/ Aqara users is a godsend. Without your drivers I would probably still be on ST.

Do you have a donation site?


My network is all zigbee with 70% Xiaomi devices.
I'll be not updating until advised by you. Thanks a million.

Mixed feelings thought :confused:

I truly hope that HE works with you to address this before the next firmware release. It will affect so many users.


You would hope that HE would make some sort of "breaking change" statement detailing exactly what is being changed to give users a heads-up.

I would imagine that there are probably many people using their own drivers, community drivers, or drivers bought over from ST .... so this will likely impact many people, not just Xiaomi users.

kudos to @veeceeoh for warning us in the meantime though!


We did, as soon as this was discovered by one of the beta participants, @veeceeoh was looped in, the specific details of the changes were discussed along with what needed to be done to resolve.

Just bad timing on this.