[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers



You mean the beta DTH in the bspranger/Xiaomi thread? That would also be me, with help and input from a few ST users, and notably with help and some fantastically useful code from user oltman on GitHub.

As for the adapted Hubitat device drivers, "you guys" = just me. :wink:


Sweet, thanks for that got it working like a charm!


That's me here.
I just tested it again and it worked, however, if I press the button on the outlet, it doesn't do anything.


Could you please tell me how you got it working? Which driver did you use?
I tried to use the ST driver but I am getting an error message while saving.


That would be great. I own one and it would be nice to have it working with Hubitat.

I will do the testing for you. Let me know when you are ready. :slight_smile:


I just used the one from here Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet (Steps to Pair any Xiaomi Zigbee device!) - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

What's it not doing for you?


I already have this one working though it does not report power usage.
I thought you got Aqara vibration sensor working which I am trying to get to work.


Oh sorry yeah I don't have that sensor.


Hi I am trying pairing the Original Xiaomi Door/Windows Sensor, but always show "Initializing"


So I trying to add Virtual Device, but the Status still "UNKNOWN" .


You should be able to follow the instructions listed below (posted by @veeceeoh) to do a manual pairing. The post is was written for the Smart Light Switch, but it worked for me with the Door/Window sensor. Also, if you haven't done so yet, first go and add its driver linked in the 1st post, and then do this.


Would it be possible to pair Xiaomi hub with Hubitat? I would be nice to have it working with Hubitat as it can be used for announcements, sirens, night light etc.


Possible, yes. There is a user-contributed solution for SmartThings called Mi Connector:

However, it involves installing a server in Docker on a Raspberry Pi or Synology NAS, and then a SmartApp and DTHs in SmartThings. And it's currently in constant development.

With my plate already overflowing, I have no plans whatsoever to port that solution over to Hubitat, but maybe there's someone else interested...?

Did my "Special Pairing Instructions" that @saxnix quoted (thanks for that!) work for you?


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - New versions of some Xiaomi devices incompatible with current device drivers

From an Athom Homey Community thread dedicated to Xiaomi devices, I have learned that there are at least three Xiaomi Aqara devices with a new revision which seem to have firmware changes that make them incompatible with the current SmartThings DTHs (device handlers).

Here's a list:

Device Model New Zigbee Model ID Old Zigbee Model ID
Aqara Button WXKG11LM lumi.remote.b1acn01 lumi.sensor_switch.aq2
Aqara Smart Light Switch - 1 Button WXKG03LM lumi.remote.b186acn01 lumi.sensor_86sw1lu or lumi.sensor_86sw1
Aqara Smart Light Switch - 2 Button WXKG02LM lumi.remote.b286acn01 lumi.sensor_86sw2Un or lumi.sensor_86sw2

NOTE: The devices with the New Zigbee Model ID are the new versions that don't work with the current device handlers.

An easy way to know that you've probably received one of the new versions of the above devices is that it will only pair as a generic "Device", instead of choosing the correct device driver.

To check the Zigbee Model ID, you should be able to view it while logged into your Hubitat hub when you view details about the device by clicking on it's name in the Devices page. Search for the "Data" row, near the bottom of the page, where you'll hopefully see something like this:

I don't have any of these new versions myself, and don't plan on purchasing more any time soon, so...

If any receives one of the above three models and it pairs as a "device" please post in this thread, and I'll explain how to get some log output which should hopefully help me to update the device driver to work correctly.

If you have a device with an Old Zigbee Model ID listed above, there's no need report back that they're working fine.


@veeceeoh, is there a setting I need to change to be able to view the buttonPressed, buttonReleased info as a date/time for the Aquara Button?


and same question for the other Xiaomi devices?



I have a WXKG02LM with model ID lumi.sensor_86sw2Un, and it's working fine with your DTH...

I just noticed that I have 2 more WXKG02LM from the same shipment with lumi.sensor_86sw2 ID (without the trailing "Un"), and they're working as well.

EDIT: I bought them on Nov. 16 2017, so they're not really "new"...


Since there's no mobile app for Hubitat like there is for SmartThings, I removed the human readable event time/date stamps from all of the Hubitat drivers because the only place you can view them is via the device details page for a single device when logged into your hub locally - in the Events list.

However I kept the Unix-format "Epoch" time/date stamps for use in WebCoRE, because that can be very helpful in creating Pistons.

If you just want to be able to view when events occurred for any device (not just Xiaomi devices), then click on the "Events" link at the top of the device details page for that device.

Was there some other reason you need to see human readable dates of events besides just viewing them?

Thanks for reporting in! However...

I messed up on that chart with the Zigbee Model IDs, and it's fixed now. Sorry about that!

The "old" Zigbee Model ID for the WXKG02LM that works fine with the current device drivers may appear either as lumi.sensor_86sw2Un or lumi.sensor_86sw2. Similarly, the "old" version of the WXKG03LM can appear either as lumi.sensor_86sw1lu or lumi.sensor_86sw1.

I only really need to hear from anyone who's recently bought one of the three listed devices which is only coming up as a generic "Device" when paired, and also has a New Zigbee Model ID.


Yep, that's what I was after - thank you (forgot it was there :confused:.

Is there a way to set up automatic exporting of events to google sheets (or similar)?


There's a SmartThings SmartApp for that, but it hasn't been ported to Hubitat yet (that I know of):


Thanks for the info about Simple Event Logger. It looks like it would do the trick, but after searching, it doesn't look like anyone has ported it over yet. I will follow a thread where some have discussed it, but at this stage it doesn't look like anyone is taking on the challenge.


I have quite a few Xiaomi /Aqara devices and whenever I change to a new battery I see that it reports a battery level of 3.055V.
Would it be possible to change the max default voltage to this instead of 3.5 and maybe the min to 2.7V.
Mine never drop below 100% and changing to the above values starts to give a better reading. Not sure how accurate the readings are though.