[RELEASE] Welcome Home


@bptworld and @Cobra
for a good morning greeting it might be better to add an option to just check presence if "present" as well as keeping the "How many minutes can the presence sensor be home" function instead of having to add 10,000 minutes to the option.
making it into a more general greeting app
As an example my son's arrival sensor is in his school backpack but come summer that will be home for 2 months. so his good morning routine would have to be set to present 87600 minutes. Not sure how Hubitat would handle that.

I was trying to get more automated interaction.
randomized messages after a set of triggers in specific sequence is triggered.
something I miss from webcore


Presence Central will speak a message if a sensor is present at a certain time
Message Central will do much more and can certainly do the welcome home greeting or a goodmorning greeting




For this you would simply make a seperate child app per door.

For right now, this is only for when people arrive. I already do lots of notifications for morning stuff simply using RM. Basically walk my 11 year old daughter through her morning routine.

  • time to get up
  • time to get dressed
  • we leave in 10 minutes, don't forget your snack
  • Today is Tuesday, don't forget your trumpet
  • It's time to leave

lol, entire morning mapped out!

New version in Github...

  • V1.0.1 - 11/28/18 - Upgraded some of the logic and flow of the app. Added Motion Sensor Trigger, ability to choose multiple door, locks or motion sensors. Updated the instructions.


IMPORTANT - If you just downloaded the update in the last hour, please download the child app again. I still had something commented out for testing!

Sorry! :sunglasses:


Hi, did you get this sorted out? If not please post a screenshot of your child app.



Thanks, yes, I just pull the battery of the presence sensor to make it not present, then when I installed the battery it said the complete phrase. I left the default settings and phrases, I only changed dogs for ducks, I don't have dogs. Should I upgrade parent and child codes?


Great, glad it's working for you. New version available this morning, more options and some optimized code.



My opening and closing strings for ideas :grin:

Arrive open

'Welcome home ','How you doing ','What's up ','Long time no see ','Hey ','Nice you see you ','Look who's home, it's ','Nice to have you back ','Howdy do ','What's going on ','How is everything ','It's been ages since I have seen you ','Where have you been hiding ','How's it hanging ','What's cookin ','What's shakin ','Greetings and salutations ','How goes it ','What's happening ','What's up ','Roll out the red carpet for '

        Arrive closing

' in the house! Ooo oooo.,' here.',' home.',' in the house.',' joining the party.',' crashing the party.',' gracing us with their presence.',' dropping anchor.',' dropping in.',' making the scene.',' barging in.',' showing up.',' blowing in.',' appearing.',' breezing in.',' rolling in.',' popping in.'

    Depart open

'Goodbye ','See you later ','Bye ','Live long and prosper ','Farewell ','Hope you have a great time ','Take care ','Smell you later ','Adios ','Caio ','Au revoir ','Sayonara ','Ta Ta for now ','Catch you later ','To-da-loo ','See you in the funny papers ','Toodles ','Godspeed ','So long ','Cheerio ','Arrivederci '

Depart close

' left the building!',' gone out.',' popped out.',' left.',' buggered off.',' departed.',' split.',' vamoosed.',' high tailed it.',' escaped.',' eight-six'd it.',' bid farewell.',' flaked off.',' took a hike.',' withdrawn.',' exited.',' vanished.',' disappeared.',' evacuated.',' retreated.',' taken their leave.'


Any plan to add restrictions? I would like to use a virtual switch to disable this for certain conditions.


@bptworld Bryan, any chance there could be something added that would prevent multiple greetings for the same child within a certain time frame? For instance using a motion sensor for the trigger could cause multiple announcements for the single contact if they were to pass by it several times within the timeframe set by "How many minutes can the presence sensor be home and still be considered for a welcome home message "


@bptworld I've just defined a child app and did a bit of testing with it.
When I went back into it to give it it's final config, I noticed that the quiet time date and the mode data was missing.
I re-input it and saved. When I opened it it was missing again.
I think there may be a bug lurking somewhere.


Right now you can pause each child individually, I'll look into adding a virtual switch condition.

It was designed for when the door opens or the door lock was unlocked. Things that usually only happen once. For the motion sensors, it would only re-trigger if the motion sensor sent an 'inactive' then another 'active' command in the set timeframe. Suggest to either lengthen the time the sensor sends it's 'inactive' and/or shorten the delay set in the app. Then I'll have to think about that one!

Must be a bug! Hopefully I'll have time to look at this tonight. Thanks.


@bobbles, I've been unable to reproduce the missing information. I filled it in, saved it, existed and went back in. All data is there. My speaker field is empty because I don't have one to choose from. I only use Google Assistant to make all my announcements.

Is anybody else seeing this issue?


@cuboy29 & @halfrican.ak - Both issues should be fixed. Test it out and let me know. Thanks for the input!

New Version...
V1.0.2 - 11/29/18 - Added an Enable/Disable child app switch. Fix an issue with multiple announcements on same arrival.


Just curious on how you "fixed" this?


Sure, the timeDiff is the minutes since you've been home. timeHome is the max time you put in when setting up the child app. So the first time through, beenHere will be "no" but sets the beenHere to "yes". If it tries to run again within the timeHome limit, beenHere will be "yes" so it doesn't run. Once the timeDiff > timeHome it will reset to beenHere = "no". All ready for the next time you "come home".

This will work with all 3 triggers, so it was a great addition. Thank you for the bug report/suggestion!

  		if(timeDiff < timeHome) {
			if(state.beenHere == "no") {
				state.beenHere = "yes"
				log.info "${app.label} - ${friendlyName1} just got here! Time Diff = ${timeDiff}"
				LOGDEBUG("Wait ${delay1} seconds to Speak")
		} else{
			state.beenHere = "no"
			log.info "${app.label} - ${friendlyName1} - No announcement needed. Time Diff = ${timeDiff}"


That's great! This should prevent excessive alerts since I'm using a motion sensor located in my entryway staircase.


I'm using 24hr clock. Could that be the issue. It was for RM which has now been fixed.
EDIT:Changed clock on hub to 12hr and now it saves OK.
Modes selected at the bottom still go missing.


New Version:

V1.0.3 - 11/20/18 - Changed how the options are displayed, removed the Mode selection as it is not needed.

Thanks to @gavincampbell and @cobra for showing me the way to make the corrections!


Is the clock issue fixed?
Just cos' I prefer 24hr clock. :smile: