[RELEASE] Web Pinger

Thanks, I will try it when I am on location to see if things have an affect. Would be nice to see the CPU/MEM usage of the hub while running a task to identity potential issues.

I just wanted to thank you for this app.
I intend on using it to check if my thermostat (ecobee) is up or down.
Question: Is it possible to put in the ability to trigger a SMS text message instead of a Pushover?
(In case Internet is down).
Thanks in advance.

If your internet is down then HE won’t be able to send a SMS.

Actually not if the internet is down, but rather if the link between my ecobee and ecobee.com is down.

This is just a very simple app to turn a device on/off. You can base any automations/messaging off of that device. So you could use RM to send the sms when the device turns off.

Also remember that sms has a limit of 10 messages a day, where as Pushover is unlimited.


You might want to check out this driver too...

I haven't used it but looks like it might fit what your trying to do.

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How would I install this app ?

Go to the link in 1st post. Instructions can also be found there.


So, have you thought about a websocket ping/pong? Also, this would actually be a great addition to Device Watchdog imho. I'm not sure if HE supports a network type in the Device object (I haven't looked), but it would be a neat report to have where it icmp pings or ws ping/pongs devices along with the other checks. :wink:

I figured out how to install third party app reading some other threads.

I installed the parent app.

I installed the child app.

I set up a child ping rule to a local device with a push notification after 5 min.

I turned the local device off.

Never got the notification that the pings stopped.

What kind of device are you pinging?

Its an iPhone with an IP that is statically set in the my router.

I was also running a ping test from my computer which did stop when the iPhone was powered off.

Hmmmm, can you post your logs of the app and also a screen cap of the notification rule?

Try this... [RELEASE] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor

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That looks cool and I will definitely check it out. The iPhone was just the first test I setup. I am wanting to ping other things in my network and get notifications when they stop responding. It would also be cool to have a tile that would change color on the dashboard. Also shorter internvals for ping would be cool.

Hi. Thanks for this app.

I'm assuming that where it says Pushover notification it's no longer limited to this form of notification. It lists my mobile (which runs the Hubitat app) and where I don't use the Pushover service at all.

Can you please confirm? And if so maybe you might want to change the wording.


That's right, any place that says pushover should also be able to send to the new HE notifications.

Try it! Half the fun of home automation is trying new stuff.

As I update apps I change the wording, not going to every app and updating just for that. :sunglasses:

Hi @bptworld Bryan,

Your apps are great, however Web pinger doesn't quite do what I need.

Would it be possible to add a setting to the child app that inverts the switching and adds a delay before restoring the switch state. i.e If the website isn't available then turn off a switch, wait for x number of seconds then turn the switch back on?

Hope you don't mind be asking.




Sure :grin:

New version on github...

V2.0.1 - 09/06/19 - Add new section to 'Turn Switch(es) OFF if URL is not available, ON if everything is good'. Also added an optional reset timer.

One condition... you have to do the testing!

Thank you, that was amazingly quick.

I have it running currently and all seems to be fine. I’ll monitor it over the next week.


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