[RELEASE] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver

Dark Sky does require that the location be entered as "latitude,longitude". That error message indicates that it did not detect a comma in the location, which is my check for a format of "latitude,longitude".


APIXU can be a zip code. For Dark Sky it must be "latitude,longitude"

[UPDATE] V3.0.2 3/19/2019

Instruction clarifications.
Icon (Day/Night) bug fix.

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[UPDATE} V3.0.3 03/20/2019

Altered myTile to attempt to remain under the maximum character limit of 1024 for Dashboard 2.0

FYI--Dashboard is not working.

It is working ..... as long as the combination of data and formatting is less then the new Dashhboard 2.0 limit of 1,024 characters for the myTile attribute. If you are not seeing data them your weather situation has forced this attribute to exceeded this limit. See mine below:

I did add a log message that will show the length of the myTile attribute. You will need to toggle on Extended Logging to see that message. If your myTile is not working you can toggle that on and review the logs to verify that the myTile length is greater than 1024 characters.

I will continue to look at how I can reduce the character limit and still present attractive, meaningful data.

Working now...Thanks for updating the driver..

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You might have to tweek myTile again. Mine is not working. Thanks

[UPDATED] V3.0.4 03/24/2019

Further reduction on the character limit for myTile. This was primarily though renaming the icons to very short names. Because of this you will need to re-copy the icons from my GitHub repository (GitHub - Scottma61/WeatherIcons: WeatherIcons for Hubitat Drivers) to your webserver to get the new named icons.

It will now truncate the myTile at 1,024 characters and show an error in the logs if myTile exceeds the 1,024 character maximum threshold.

Downloaded and copied. Still a no go.

Another attempt (I did not increment the version, but re-copy the code)

[UPDATED] V3.0.4 03/24/2019

Further reduction on the character limit for myTile. This was primarily though renaming the icons to very short names. Because of this you will need to re-copy the icons from my GitHub repository (GitHub - Scottma61/WeatherIcons: WeatherIcons for Hubitat Drivers) to your webserver to get the new named icons.

If the MyTile exceeds 1,024 characters (including file paths to icons and HTML formatting) then it will attempt to display with no icons and no formatting. If it is still too long, it will truncate the unformatted string to 1,024 characters.

If this still does not work, then I will need much more detailed information to continue to try to help .... logs, screen shots, etc.... It is working on my setup so I cannot duplicate the 'no go'. I can only assume that the new Dashboard 2.0 maximum character length of 1,024 is being exceeded. I attempted to prevent that from happening.

Working!!! Thanks Matt.


I'm using your WD with Ext Forecast Driver to trigger Cobra's weather switch. In the alert section, does that also report any Severe, Tornado, Flood watch? Thanks


The alerts are only available from Dark Sky (APIXU does not offer alerts). If Dark Sky lists it in their JSON return for alerts, that is what will be listed in the driver. You will have to look up what may be included, or not, on Dark Sky's website.

Looks like it will..

The severity of the weather alert. Will take one of the following values: "advisory" (an individual should be aware of potentially severe weather), "watch" (an individual should prepare for potentially severe weather), or "warning" (an individual should take immediate action to protect themselves and others from potentially severe weather).

Thanks for responding. Have a great day.

[RELEASE] Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver

Version 4.0 - 09/09/2019

Completely new driver rebuilt from scratch.
Motivation for the work done in this new version was from @csteele and his improved wx-ApiXU-driver. This driver includes adapted versions of his asynchttp calls, the updated Lux (Luminance) code and the selectable attributes code. Without his work these would not be available in this driver.

There is FAR more different in this version than there is the same.
Significant changes:

  • All calls are now asynchttp to reduce Hub latency.
  • All (almost) attributes are selectable, choose only what you need to reduce unneccessary DB buildup.
  • Eliminated 'State' variables to further reduce unneccessary DB buildup.
  • Astronomy data only polled three times a day.
  • Station data can be polled as often as every minute and is on it's own separate schedule.
  • Forecast can be polled as often as every five minutes and is on it's own schedule.
  • Can be used without an external forecast, or choose either DarkSky.net or ApiXU.com as your forecast source.
  • Improved 'mytile' and 'weatherSummary'
  • Many, many corrections to the data presented.

Not changed:

  • Still requires a Personal Weather Station with Weather-Display software and uses waynedgrant's json webservice
    that makes your weather station's data available to the driver.
  • You may choose to use your weather station's Solar Radiation (for Lux), Ultraviolet and Apparent Temperature
    (feelsLike) or choose to get those from the external forecast source.
  • You will need your own API key for the external weather forecast selection (DarkSky.net or ApiXU.com).
  • User selectable Date/Time formats.
  • User selectable units (imperial or metric, or can be mixed).

I primarily use DarkSky so most testing was done there. There are so many permutations of possible selections that I could not possibly test all of them and I am sure you will find something that was overlooked. Notify me when you find those and I'll attempt to correct it.

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Well ... that was weird timing. Looks like ApiXU.com is now Weatherstack.com.


Those changes to the free plan (1,000 calls per month and no forecast data) will render ApiXU/Weatherstack useless for those who have a PWS and use this driver. This driver will continue to work through October 14th for ApiXU. This version will continue to work for DarkSky.net forecast data and I suggest you switch over to that. I will create a version that strips out ApiXU/Weatherstack option to simplify the driver further since ApiXU is no longer a viable option.


mytile - Have it turned on. But is not showing up in the attributes when adding in the dashboard. Did I miss a step? Thanks

Released Version 4.0.1 9/11/2019

  • Bug fix to allow attributes to show for dashboards.

*** FYI: Since ApiXU.com is going away I plan on only doing critical bug fixes on this until October 14th ... the stopping all changes. I am working on a version that strips out ApiXU completely and just uses DarkSky.net as the replacement driver. ***

Thanks Matt...

Releasing a new driver with only DarkSky as a forecast source. This old driver is now obsolete and will not be updated/maintained. The new driver is in a new thread here: