[RELEASE] WATO - When any Attribute Then this cmd Otherwise that cmd


got you. thanks for sharing the details.

you dont need the live logs. if you know roughly what time the rain condition code was triggered previously just check the device events (at top page on the device pages) from either of those devices.


Understood. Thank you.

The rain started around 7:45p. I manually (using dashboard) turned on my dehumidifier after I noticed it wasn’t running. And then posted here with my question.

My event logs show no interaction with WATO for device: dehumidifier

You can see where I manually turned on the humidifier about 45 minutes after it started raining (I first checked APIXU data to make sure it was sending 1183 to WATO - which it was, but the dehumidifier had not turned on via that trigger)

Thank you, again!


for the weather device could you please check when that condition code event was published. should look like this:

also is the condition code set to be published?


Here ya go

Typo above, I meant to say about 15 minutes, not 45 minutes (although it appears I only waited 10 before I manually turned on the dehumidifier). Either way, I’m sure I’m setting something up wrong or doing something wrong but I’m not sure what to do to fix it.


thanks. one last thing to check … click on the gear icon next to the WATO in the apps list and please share a screen capture of the subscription listed there.


Thank you for all of your help. It shows I have no subscriptions. This is where I’m missing something obvious during setup, obviously :slight_smile:


Click on that WATO from the apps list then click the Done button all the way at bottom to the right then check subscriptions again please.

also make sure you click the gear icon next to this WATO not the one next to the WATO app itself.


As requested:


I'm having the same issue. I'm using Matt's Weather Display with External Forecast app and the execute command is not working.


great. It should work now. change the condition code to what it will be tomorrow and see if the fans turn on.


more likely the subscription is not there. could you share what the current subscription looks like?



I am seeing this same thing right now with the same source data for the variable (APIXU). I have it set to trigger a switch if the condition code is >=1063. it is 1243 right now and shows that it sees that attribute, but the switch never changes.


ahhh... that is my issue, it was already greater than when I enabled the WATO rule so it didnt trigger the switch. I will monitor this coming up to see if it clears up.



Were you able to figure out why when the statement is true, execute command is not functioning? Thanks.


no. i cant see any obvious reason for it. please share the event subscriptions for that WATO.



thanks. when was the last time that device published the chanceOfRain event and what was the value it published?

also added support for logging the received event. please update the child app to the latest and set logging on in settings for this WATO.


Does this work now? having trouble getting it to work for me.


It is very low today. I'll have to see later this week. I have it set for 50%. I was really trying to have WATO look at alert. Once a watch or warning occurred, it would turn on a virtual switch.

Current States

  • UV : 5.0
  • alert : No current weather alerts for this area.
  • chanceOfRain : 9%
  • cloud : 0.1
  • condition_text : Clear
  • country : USA
  • dewpoint : 42.4
  • feelsLike : 69.1
  • forecastHigh : 59.4
  • forecastIcon : partlycloudy
  • forecastLow : 38.6
  • humidity : 61