[RELEASE] WATO - When any Attribute Then this cmd Otherwise that cmd



do you have logging turned on in app settings for that WATO?

in app settings the log value should be true:


It is showing that its enabled.

Edit: So I just checked the event log of the switch that gets triggered by the WATO and I noticed that yesterday it was triggered on/off multiple times.

So maybe now its working? But I have not changed any settings, so I am not sure why a couple days ago it was not working.

But I still see nothing in the event log of the WATO, or should I not?


you shouldnt be able to see anything in the event log of the WATO. however if you have hubitat logging on you will the subscribed event logged whenever the WATO receives a new event.


Okay, I guess I will have to just monitor the log. Today is sunny, so it has not been triggered at all.



Will WATO turn on a virtual switch or no?


That's exactly what I'm doing, so yes


The problem I'm having is when it is a match, the switch doesn't turn on.


It will only turn on when it changes from Not Match to Match. So, for example, if you have a temp range, if the temp is currently within that range, WATO will not switch the switch on. Only when it goes from outside the range to within the range.


Ok. I will keep watch and see. Thanks.


So I'm trying to setup a command to turn on a switch when the forecast show's it's raining. I'm using the APIXU driver and it's working fine. But for whatever reason I can't get WATO to flip the switch when the ForecastIcon variable changes to "rain". What am I doing wrong?



Not sure if I'm a bit slow, but I just had a brainwave. I figured out that you can use any attribute from any device (ApiXu specifically) and send it to any other device as long as both have the same attribute type (boolean/decimal/number/string). Must be the same on both attributes.

I was trying to get wind speed from ApiXU to RM for use in rules (the actual wind speed number), and I created a virtual temp device, and used WATO to transfer the ApiXU wind speed number to the current temp as a number. It works.


I am still seeing issues with the WATO I have setup. All its doing is comparing the condition code for the APIXU device and if its greater than the number I specified then turn on a virtual switch. While it seems to trigger the virtual switch, I noticed that the switch is being triggered "off" even though the condition code is still greater than the number specified.


I would imagine it's because you've got "text"as the type (just after greater than). Change that to number and it should work.


I was initially having issues with the virtual switch not being flipped, that is why I changed it to text. I will switch it back to number and monitor it.


So I guess the need for WATO is gone, now that we can do this natively within RM3.0

So far, for all the rules previously requiring WATO, I've been able to use RM3.0 (after some unknown recent update).

RIP WATO! (although it still works)


I still have to use it for groups of lamps because the group driver doesn't report the colour mode correctly.


Nice! I didn't know custom attribute was an option yet. Only thing that is missing it looks like it's a greater/less than option, but I can work around this.


How are you getting around the lack of < > ?

I have one rule in WATO that I have not yet been able to move.


Still trying to figure this out. Maybe this will work? I used the "NOT this condition" option for each condition. It would defiantly be easier with a < or > option.


@raidflex @mike @bravenel I think you have discovered a bug in RM. I knew I had seen < and> in custom attributes before, so I tried a test rule and a trigger and got inconsistent results with both. Sometimes I'm presented with all of the comparison options, other times, I'm not.